Campus Master Plan Update

Memorial Tower
The St. John's Campus of Memorial University has embarked on a new era of strategic planning that spans issues of governance, multi-year budgeting, academic planning, and investment in facilities for renewal and growth.
In this context, Memorial University is undertaking the preparation of a comprehensive Campus Master Plan to help transform the University's integrated planning efforts into a tangible and exciting vision that will garner broad-based support and leverage resources to make this vision a reality.
Why a Campus Master Plan?
Memorial, like all universities, will increasingly face significant shifts, among which are demographic, fiscal, political, and technological. In this fast-changing environment, it is important to ensure that the University’s collection of buildings and facilities continues to allow the University Community to not only complete its day-to-day tasks, but most importantly to fulfill a broad range of aspirations for many years to come.
The Plan’s Objectives
The Campus Master Plan has four main objectives:
  • Provide a feasible and flexible physical framework to accommodate growth over the next ten to fifty years through recommendations for the placement of new buildings and facilities and their relationship to campus open spaces.
  • Identify opportunities for high-quality open spaces and a safe, functional, and attractive pedestrian network.
  • Analyze space utilization and recommend strategies to use space more efficiently in the short term in existing buildings as well as in new buildings.
  • Guide the design of new buildings and significant additions to ensure that they fit within their environment and create safe and animated, people-friendly spaces year round.
Who is Involved
To prepare this Master Plan, the University has commissioned a multi-disciplinary team led by Brook McIlroy Planning + Urban Design [] in association with:
  • Sheppard Case Architects
  • Marshall Macklin Monaghan []
  • Nova Consultants []
  • James Floyd Associates Ltd.
  • QuadraTec Inc. []
MUN has created a Steering Committee to guide the Consultant Team’s work. Its members are as follows:
  • Darrell Miles – Director, Facilities Management, MUN
  • Keith Hiscock - Assistant Director (Develop. & Renewal), Facilities Management, MUN
  • Dr. Michael Collins - Associate Vice-President (Academic), MUN
  • Dr. Chet Jablonski - Dean of Graduate Studies, MUN
  • Christine Burke - Director, Housing, MUN
  • Roger Drinkall – Vice-President (Academic), MUN Students’ Union
  • Daniel Ingram - Graduate Students’ Union, MUN
  • Anne McIlroy - Brook McIlroy
  • Calvin Brook - Brook McIlroy
  • Jim Case – Sheppard Case Architects
News and Updates
  • Stakeholder Interviews
On June 13, 2005, the Campus Master Plan process was launched with a series of stakeholder interviews. The stakeholders were asked to discuss their priorities for the physical development of the campus, including issues that hinder the fulfillment of campus users’ aspirations and opportunities for improving the campus (See Executive Interview Summary June 2005).
  • Workshop and Open House Presentations

On September 15, 2005, a workshop and two open houses were held on the St. John's Campus. The presentations and boards used for these events were as follows:


Board on Introduction

Board on Analysis

Board on Transportation

Board on Opportunities 1

Board on Opportunities 2

Board on Plan and Aerial

On November 22, 2005, two more Open Houses were held on the St. John's Campus. The presentation for this event was as follows:


Your Thoughts
The input of students, faculty, and staff, as well as the community around the campus and beyond, is central to the development of a comprehensive Campus Master Plan. Your input can be provided by completing a Questionnaire or by sending comments to:
Mr. Darrell Miles
Director of Facilities Management
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL, A1C 5S7
709 864-8719


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