Space Planning and Administration

Space Standards & Guidelines


Workspace Categories and Associated Titles (Updated)


WORKSPACE CATEGORY "P"Size Range:350 to 450 ft2. Typically 398 ft2.

WORKSPACE CATEGORY "A"Size Range:230 to 275 ft2. Typically 250 ft2.
DeanVice President

WORKSPACE CATEGORY "B"Size Range:180 to 230 ft2. Typically 200 ft2.
ChiefExecutive Director
Department Head 

WORKSPACE CATEGORY "C"Size Range:35 to 90 ft2. Typically 60 ft2.
Administrative SecretaryLibrary Assistant V*
Library Assistant I*Library Assistant VI*
Library Assistant II*Library Assistant VII*
Library Assistant III*Library Assistant VIII*
Library Assistant IV*Senior Secretary
*Subject to Functional Program for QEII Library 

WORKSPACE CATEGORY "D"Size Range:140 to 185 ft2. Typically 150 ft2.
Assistant DeanDirector
Assistant to the PresidentExecutive Assistant
Associate DeanExecutive Producer
Associate DirectorHeamatologist
Coordinator (all)Vice-Dean
Deputy Head 
Deputy Registrar 

WORKSPACE CATEGORY "F"Size Range: 90 to 140 ft2. Typically 120 ft2.
Academic Service Co-ordinatorLibrarian
Admin Staff Specialist IIMedical Researcher I
Admin Staff Specialist IIIMedical Researcher II
Animal Care TechnologistMedical Researcher III
Assistant DirectorPlanner/Estimator
Assistant Prof.Plant Draftsman
Assistant RegisrarProducer/Director
Assistant to DeanProfessor
Assistant to Operarations ManagerProgram Administrator
Assistant to VPProgram Co-ordinator
Associate ProfessorProgram Developer
AuditorsPub. Syst. Support Analyst
CartographerRegional Officer
Craftsperson IVRes/Pro Phy Ocean II
CuratorResearch & Proj. Geography II
Drug Information PharmacistResearch Assistant III
EditorResearch Associate
Elect Tech IIIResearch Engineer
Elec Technol IVResearch Liaison
EM Technician IIIResearch Position
EM TechnologistResearch Scientist
EngineerScience Photographer
Engineer Tech IIIScience Tech IV
Field AdministratorSenior Programmer
Fisheries BiologistSpecialist
ForemanStores Keeper
Geological Research AnalystSupervisor
Inspector ControlsOfficer
Instructional DesignerTeaching Fellow
LecturerTeaching Term Appointment
Manager (all)TV Producer Director
Operations ManagerWellness Educator

WORKSPACE CATEGORY "G"Size Range: 50 to 75 ft2. Typically 60 ft2.
AccountantOffice Administrator
Admin Staff Specialist IOffice/Assessment
Admin. AssistantPaper Conservator
Admissions OfficerPayroll Clerk II
AdvisorPC I
AnalystPC II
Animal Surgery TechnologistPC III
Animal Tech IIIPC IV
Annual Fund AssistantPersonnel Tech/Benef
Art Gallery RegistrarPhotographer III
Assistant ArchivistPhys. Oceanographer
Assistant ArchivistPlant Storekeeper
Assistent CartographerPlant Stores Clerk
Assistant EditorPost Doctoral Fellow
Assistant HorticulturistPostal Clerk III
Benefits & Pensions AnalystPower Engineer 2nd Class
Budget AssistantPower Engineer 3rd Class
CE & P IVPress Operator
ChaplainProduction Tech I
Communications AssistantProduction Tech II
Computer Lab AssistantProduction Tech III
Computer ProgrammerProduction Tech IV
Computer TechnicianPublicat. & Information Assis.
ConsultantPublications Assistant
CounselorRadioological Tech
Craftsman IIIReading Assistant
Diagnostic TechnicianResearch & Project Geography I
Draftsperson IIResearch Assistant II
Draftsperson IIIResearch Diver
Early Childhood EducatorRural Recruiter
Elec Tech IISales Rep
EM TechnicianScience Tech III
EM Technician ISenior Audiovisual Assistant
EM Technician IISenior Clerk
Enviromental Education IterpSenior Clerk Stenographer
Financial AssistantSign Painter
Geology Tech ISNN Francophone Staff
Geology Tech IISNN Web Author
Grad StudentStores Clerk II
Grad Student-PStudent Health Nurse
Graphic Artist IIISystem Admin I
Head GardenerSystems Admin II
Heritage Web Site ProjectSystem Admin III
Horticultural TechSystems Programmer CS
Instructional AssistantSystems Technician
IT IntermTeaching Assistant
Lab Facil Tech IITechnical Staff
Med Tech IITechnologist II
Media Production Tech IITechnologist III
Medical Tech IITenure Tracker
Oceanographic AssistantWeb Author
Oceanographic Field TechWeb Master

WORKSPACE CATEGORY "H"Size Range: 35 to 50 ft2. Typically 36 ft2.
Animal Tech IMed Tech I
Animal Tech IIMedia Production Tech I
AquaristMedia Tech I
Art Gallery Tech IIMicrofilm Equip Oper
Audiovisual AssistantNetwork Administrator
CE & P IOffset Press Operator II
CE & P IIPhotographer I
CE & P IIIPhotographer II
Centrifuge OperatorPhotographic Tech II
ClerkPhototype Setter
Computer Operator IPostal Clerk I
Computer Operator IIPostal Clerk II
Craftsman IPower Engineer 4th Class
Craftsman IIReceptionist
Data Entry OperatorResearch & Proj. Eng. I
Delivery PersonResearch Assistant I
DEORevenue Cashier
Dispatcher Work ControlSafety Technician
Diving Tech IScience Tech I
Diving Tech IIScience Tech II
Draftsperon ISecretary
Dupli Equipment Oper ISenior Audiovisual Asistant
Dupli Equip Oper IISenior DEO
Duplicating AideSenior Telecom Sys Operator
Education Program AssistantStenographer
Engineer Tech IStores Clerk I
Engineer Tech IIStores Clerk II
Graphic Artist IStud. Centre Services Attend.
Graphic Artist IITechnologist I
Immunology Tech IITeleconf Systems Oper
Int. Clerk StenographerTheatre Tech
Lab Facility Tech ITranscribers
Library Equip RepairmanUtility Leader
Lithographic LeadhandVisual Arts Student Assist. I
LocksmithVisual Arts Student Assist. II
Mechanical Bindery Oper 

WORKSPACE CATEGORY "J"No asignment of workspce.
CookPress Operator
CustodianPress Operator I
Grounds EmployeePress Operator II
HonoursTractor Operator
HousekeeperTrail Guide
Incinerator OperatorTruck Driver
Maintenance WorkerUtility Worker
Mechanics Patrol PersonWardrobe Assistant


Typically 12 ft2 with a minimum of 120 per dept.
Per Course InstructorSessional Instructor
Per Course LecturerSessional Lecturer
 Sessional Office


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