Space Planning and Administration

Space Standards & Guidelines


It is the responsibility of each dean and director to ensure that all units under their responsibility comply with these standards and guidelines and that all space changes and reassignments are reported to Facilities Management utilizing proper documentation.? It is also the responsibility of each dean and director to report to Facilities Management any reduction of faculty, staff or students.

A request for transfer of space from one department to another must be approved by the dean or deans involved.

Any faculties and/or departments considering the development of new programs must complete a space review in conjunction with Facilities Management.? This review will determine the space needs of the new program and if they can be met.

Any change in the use of the space must be reported to Facilities Management using proper documentation.? The documentation required for space changes can be obtained by contacting the division of Space Planning and Administration or by visiting our web site at

  • Facilities Management Department employees will be responsible for maintaining the inventory of space, the physical audits of utilization and the ongoing development and maintenance of the space management and planning database. This will be done through the physical inputting of data provided by units.? The Department, in consultation with affected areas, will also be responsible for creating and providing standard and ad hoc space management reports for use by decision makers. The development of web-based software which enables all departments to view their space utilization on a room-by-room basis has been completed and is now available through the internet.? Facilities Management employees will be responsible for the maintenance of this software.
  • Department Heads and Managers will be responsible for ensuring data for their sections is current and accurate.? Data to be provided includes space inventory data, utilization data, and data that identify the uniqueness of the department.? A summary of space utilization will be made available to the dean or director.
  • Deans and Directors will be responsible for the management of space within their units based on the corresponding allocation.? Requests for additional space beyond their allocation should be made to the appropriate vice-president in consultation with the Department of Facilities Management.?
  • Senior Executive will be responsible for long-term, strategic implications of space management.?? Decisions at this level include significant reallocation of space and long-term planning of space needs.


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