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  • The Facilities Altlas Application
  • The FM Space Forms Application (Space Forms on Line)

The Facilities Atlas application works the way people think and learn - through pictures and diagrams tied to facts and figures. System tools work harmoniously to tie database records, building blueprints and organizational charts, pictures and diagrams together to give easy access to space records and real-time, zoomable access to the building floor plans as well as print options.

Access to the Facilities Atlas is restricted to Memorial University employees. Proper Password and ID are required for accessing specific database records and report settings. The guest account provides access only to basic information and limited report settings.

This application combines our department's existing database records in MS Access or Excel programs with the electronic blueprints of the building floor plans (CAD drawings) in the very unique way.

The system is designed not only to provide visual confirmation of the data and floor plan layouts as per today's records, but to be updated as changes to the content are provided, thereby giving all users the most updated records visually and in the form of a traditional database. All changes are applied to the original system sources allowing us to maintain our existing master CAD drawings and database applications. The application base program "Aperture" with the web interface?"Smart Pictures" performs the coordination of the database and graphics components of the application. The Facilities Atlas application gives the user read-only access?to the working application using Internet Browser without the need to create HTML or capture GIF files.

The system includes over 500 drawings and 9000 database records. Easy browsing features help to locate requested layouts of the building level, to locate property of the department or to find the location of the requested room number. All building floor plans have the same layout design. Users can view floor plans in full size or can use zoom options to zoom to a part of the plan for clarity.

  • One click on the room number will activate a data box displaying information on this room. One click will also show the property of the chosen University Department by color or by category of the space.
  • Colored or black and white floor plan layouts can be printed in the full view or in the area you choose to zoom with the option to send the drawing by e-mail.
  • Reports can be generated from the list of saved report formats or from the open floor plan drawing. Additional report settings are available by request.

The content of the project includes floor plan layouts and a space database of the majority of University buildings in St. John's (Main Campus, Logy Bay Road, Mt. Scio Road locations) and in Corner Brook. The HSC Complex in St. John's and the Arts-Sciences Building in Corner Brook are still under construction and will be included in the near future.

The Department of Facilities Management is responsible for any updates and changes to the floor plan layouts due to alterations and renovation projects or new construction. All changes and updates will be reflected in the monthly update of the Facilities Atlas application.

It is the responsibility of Administrative Personnel in each Department/Faculty at Memorial University to provide space and personnel database changes and updates by using " FM Space Forms".

The FM Space Forms application provides Internet-based Data Entry Option for updatingthe content of the database used for the Facilities Atlas.

Access to the Forms on Line is only permited with the proper Password and ID to Administrative Staff of the University.

Forms are designed to give users easy options with the pre-set pull down selections for most of the requested information. Help tips are provided for extra support and e-mail contact for any comments or questions.

Data entered will provide an organized format of the changed data. It will be transfered electroniclly into Facilities Management's master database and then used for updating the Facilities Atlas and other database applications in the department as well as for various statistical and reporting projects.

Database Content (for every space ID/Number)

  • Building Name
  • Space ID/Number
  • Square Footage of the Space/Room (Provided automaticly by the system)
  • Ownership (Organizational Unit, Faculty, Department)
  • Room Type
  • Room Description
  • Room Utilization
  • Facility (Location)
  • Assignable factor
  • Occupant room information (First & Last Name, Employee ID*, Department, HR Titlr, Status, Phone Number and e-mail)


* Information not avaiable for public to see.


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