Space Planning and Administration

Space Categories


No.       Category
1Classroom/Teaching Facilities
2Laboratory/Teaching Facilities
3Research/Laboratory Facilities
4Academic Departmental Space
5Library Facility and Study Space
6Recreation/Athletic Facility
7Food Service
8University Bookstore/Merchandising
9Plant Maintenance/Shop Space
10Departmental Admin Space
11Audio-Visual Facilities
12Central Services
13Health Services Facilities
14Student Activities
15Assembly/Exhibition Facilities
16Non-Assignable/Central Utility
17Residential Space
18Animal Space
19Other University Facilities
20Health Science Clinical Facilities


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1. Classroom Facilities

Description: A room primarily used for scheduled teaching/presentation purposes.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
ClassroomClassroom (Non-Tiered)Flat-floored classroom with movable or partly fixed furniture1.2
Classroom (Tiered)Tiered floor with fixed furniture1.1
Classroom/SpecializedSpecial furniture layout, specialized teaching1.2
Lecture TheatreTiered or sloped-floor lecture theatre rooms, lecture demonstration rooms, and classrooms1.1
Seminar RoomSeminar or tutorial rooms assigned directly to unit/department1.2
Multi-Purpose Teaching spaceSeminar/Meeting - SharedMovable furniture, multi-purpose use, event area. Not a teaching lab.1.3

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2. Teaching/Laboratory Facilities

Description: A room used for teaching a particular field, equipped with special furniture/equipment designated for demonstration or testing purposes.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Lab/Teaching SpaceLab/Computer (Teaching)Specifically designed for computer teaching (fixed computer desks) 2.1
Lab/Help CentreDesignated for tutoring students 2.1
Lab/TeachingDesignated/designed for discipline teaching labs (indicate discipline) 2.1
Lab/Workshop (Teaching)Designated for specialized teaching, demonstration/testing 2.1
Music/Studio (Teaching)Designated for music teaching/recording 2.1
Lab/Teaching/ Support SpaceComputer/Control Room (Lab)Support, control room, office space 2.3
Music/Practice RoomMusic practice room 2.3
Prep Room/TeachingPreparation/balance space, equipment for teaching lab 2.3
Stores (Teaching/Research)Supplies for teaching labs/research labs 2.3
Support Space (Teaching)Support/dispensary/equipment (not storage) for teaching lab 2.3

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3. Research/Laboratory Facilities

Description: A room used for laboratory applications, research or training in research methodology that requires special-purpose equipment and conditions.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Research Labs/ Experimental WorkGreenhouse/ResearchGreenhouse used for experimental growing  3.1
Interview/Observation RoomSpecially designed for research observation/interview/study
Lab/Research/ControlledSpecial conditions/controlled environment/limited access
Lab/Research/EquipmentHolds specialized equipment only (not storage)
Lab/Research-DryDry lab space (no sink or water access)
Lab/Research-WetWet lab space (water presents/access, sinks)
Research Labs/Support SpaceResearch Office (Staff)Designated office for research staff  3.3
Research/Change/Clean RoomDesignated for changing (clean/dirty) to enter a controlled environment













Research/Freezer/Cold RoomWalk-in freezer or cold room designated for research only
Research/Glass WashingDesignated for specialized glass washing - Research
Research/Prep RoomSpace designated for research support activities, specific preparation (not office space)
Research/Shower RoomDesignated for use of research staff (enter/exit controlled environment)
Research/Specialized RoomSpecially designed room/space for specific research purpose
Research/Storage RoomStorage of research project content (not general storage) controlled by research group
Research/Computer RoomDesignated for computer based research
Research/Inter CorridorCorridor inside research suit or between research areas, not a public corridor
Research/Technical ServicesSpecialized Workshop (TS)Specialized workshop for Technical/Mnufacuring purposes to support research or academic units
Storage Rm (TS)Storage designated for Technical Services supplies


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4. Academic Departmental Space

Description: A room assigned to academic staff (faculty, support staff and students) as primary work/study space.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Academic Support SpaceArchives (Academic)Documents/tapes/videos/specimens - used by faculty for teaching/research only 4.5
Lounge (Academic)Designated for faculty and staff from academic/research units (can be used as lunch room) 4.5
Reference/LibraryDesignated for department's collections (books, publications, etc.) 4.5
Computer Room (Academic)Designated for computer related projects/research, not for teaching or research labs4.5
Office (Academic)Club/Society (Academic)Designated society room 14.1
Office/FacultyOffice assigned to faculty (academic/research use) 4.1
Office/Grad StudentsDesignated for grad students only 4.3
Office/OtherDesignated for special projects 4.2
Office/Staff (Academic)Designated for PHD fellows/lecturers/teaching assistants, not for admin or other 4.2
Office/Undergrad StudentsOffice assigned to undergrad students 4.3

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5. Library Facility and Study Space

Description: A room or group of rooms used for the acquisition, processing, circulation, study, or use of books, periodicals, manuscripts and other media.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Library Collection SpaceArchives/LibraryCollection of archived documents/books  5.1
Library/Collection SpaceStack areas for books, archives, maps, documents, records, tapes, slides, micro media, periodicals and music scores 5.1
Library/Map CollectionDesignated for map collections (special furniture) 5.1
Library/Open StackReading areas by open stack 5.1
Library Study SpaceLibrary/CommonsOpen study space with Wi-Fi and/or computer access 5.4
Library/Study CarrelOne personal separated space for study (booked by library) 5.2
Library/Study/ ReadingProject/study room booked by library 5.2
Library Support AreasLibrary/AcquisitionAcquisition and cataloging space 5.3
Library/Circulation SpaceCirculation space 5.3
Library/ProcessingLibrary processing space 5.3
Library/Service DeskReception/control desk area overlooking computer commons or other sections in library 5.3
Library/StorageStorage of materials and equipment related to the library 5.3
Library/WorkshopSpace for bookbinding, digitizing, etc. 5.3

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6. Recreation/Athletic Facility

Description: All indoor areas used by students, staff and the public for athletic or other related academic activities.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Athletic Activity AreasBasketball/Squash/ OtherDesignated space for basketball/squash or other 6.1
Combative RoomCombative room 6.1
Dance StudioDance studio 6.1
Exercise RoomExercise room 6.1
GymnasiumGymnasium 6.1
Indoor Rifle RangeIndoor rifle/archery range 6.1
Indoor TrackIndoor track for running/athletics 6.1
Multipurpose (Athletic)Multipurpose exercise room 6.1
Swimming PoolSwimming pool 6.1
Athletic Seating AreasSeating Areas (Athletic)Seating area (fixed or movable) 6.2
Balcony/Viewing AreaBalcony, Viewing (no seating) 6.2
Athletic Service SpaceAthletic/Coach RoomCoach room/office 6.3
Athletic/Locker/ChangeAthletic change/locker area 6.3
Athletic/Shower  Room - FDesignated female shower facility for sport related activities 6.3
Athletic/Shower  Room - MDesignated male shower facility for sport related activities 6.3
Athletic/StorageStorage for equipment/supplies related to sport activities 6.3
Athletic/Workshop Designated workshop to repair athletic equipment 6.3

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7. Food Service

Description: A room or group of rooms used for preparing or eating food or which directly serve these facilities.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Food FacilitiesBarBar area 7.1


Open, large dining area with food vendors 7.1
Coffee ShopCoffee shop - preparation/seating area 7.1
Dining RoomSeparate designated area for dining 7.1
Food Vendor/KioskSpace used by outside vendors for food preparation and sale (kitchen and service) 7.1
Student PubStudent open pub area (not a bar) - serving drinks and food 7.1
Vending MachinesSpace with vending machines or designated area 7.1
Food Facilities Support AreasBakeryDesignated space for bakery 7.2
DishwashingDesignated area for kitchen dishwashing 7.2
Food/FreezerSecurely closed freezer for food supplies 7.2
Food/PantryDesignated for food supplies/storage 7.2
Food/ServeryDesignated for display of prepared food 7.2
Food/Walk-In/CoolerDesignated for food storage (cold room, not freezer) 7.2
KitchenKitchen area for preparation of food 7.2
Kitchen Store RoomStorage for kitchen equipment or food (not pantry) 7.2
Storage-Food/LiquorCold room designated for food/drinks, etc. 7.2

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8. University Bookstore/Merchandising

Description: A room or group of rooms used to sell products exclusively or primarily to the university population and rooms directly serving these facilities.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
BookstoreBookstoreSpace used to sell products or services exclusively or primarily to the university population and rooms directly related 8.1
Bookstore/ ReceivingArea designated to receive, unpack and catalog goods/books. 8.1
Bookstore/ StoreroomStorage designated for bookstore use only 8.1
Computer Purchasing/ ServicesComputer/ StagingSpace designated for assembly of computers for sale 8.1
Help Desk (Computing)Computing services for employees 8.1
Store FrontDisplay/front desk/cash register area for merchandise sale 8.1
Storeroom (Purchasing)Designated area to store merchandise for sale 8.1

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9. Plant Maintenance/Shop Space

Description: Space used by manufacurer(research or academic)/maintenance shops (operational space).


Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU#
Facility MaintenanceGarage (FM)Garage for maintenance of vehicles


Greenhouse (FM)Greenhouse used for maintenance purposes
Workshop (FM)Workshop space for various maintenance shops
FM Shop Shop Support SpaceCustodial Supply/ StorageDesignated for custodial/cleaning supplies/equipment
Equipment Room (FM)Designated for motorized equipment/tools (not garage)
Laundry Room (FM)Laundry area for maintenance shops only
Locker/Change (FM)Designated locker/change room for maintenance workers
Office (FM)Office adjacent to the shop or part of the shop space
Shower Room (FM)Shower area for maintenance staff only
Staff Room (FM)Staff room (shop meetings, project room, etc.)
Storage Room (FM)Designated for maintenance shop storage
Stores (FM)Stores space for maintenance shop supplies
Shop Lunch RoomLunch room used only by maintenance staff
Share Operations SpaceStores (Shared Departmental Operations)Stock/Ship/Receiving/Staging Area for Teaching/Research - SHared Operations for multi-uni use
Storage - Designated UseControlled or limited access storage for specific equipment/supplies.
Service Area - SharedEquipped for specific use only.


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10. Departmental Admin Space

Description: A room assigned to administrative staff and support staff or a room directly under control or serving these facilities.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Admin Support SpaceArchives (Administration)University archives (staff/students) required to be stored and maintained 10.2
Computer Services/ServerDesignated for computer services under designated department, operated by departmental PC Support staff or C&C staff 10.2
Conference/Meeting RoomA room with department-controlled booking 10.2
Copy Room (Admin)Photocopy area accessible to employees 10.2
Corridor (Inside Suite)Hallway or small corridor inside office suite or access to the suite (not a main building corridor) 10.2
File Room (Admin)Used strictly for working files (academic or admin) - NOT storage operated by admin staff 10.2
Locker/Change (Staff)Locker/change room designated for admin employees 10.2
Lounge/Lunch Room (Staff)Designated space for lunch/kitchen or lounge 10.2
Mail Boxes (Admin)Designated area with mail boxes for department/students 10.2
Receiving Room (Admin)Space for storing received goods, unpacking or preparing goods for shipment 10.2
Reference/Library (Admin)Departmental reference library space, study room 10.2
Resource/Computer RoomSpace with computers used for specific research projects (not a server room) 10.2
Storage Room (Admin)Storage room designated for admin staff use (office supplies, etc.) 10.2
Storage Files (Admin)Document storage under control of admin staff - not archives 10.2
Office (Admin)General OfficeDepartmental general office - main contact office space, may include copy and mail services 10.1
Office (Admin)Private office for one or two (max) employees 10.1
Open Office (Admin)Large office designated to more than two employees, typically with a system furniture layout 10.1
Reception/Waiting AreaReception or waiting area - separate space from any other 10.1

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11. Audio-Visual Facilities

Description: Space used for the production, distribution and storage of non-print instructional media or rooms directly serving these facilities

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Audio-VisualStudio/PhotographyArea designed for photography setup 11.1
Studio/Radio/TVSpace used for production (A/V/TV/Radio) 11.1
Audio-Visual Support AreasA/V Control RoomArea designed to control A/V equipment 11.1
A/V Film/Tape LibrarySpace used for storage of non-print instructional media or other related 11.1
A/V Service WorkshopArea designated for A/V related equipment repair 11.1
Dark RoomDark room for photographic services 11.1
A/V Storage RoomStorage room for A/V equipment11.1

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12. Central Services

Description: Space used to provide campus-wide services for both academic and non-academic units at the university, and space directly serving these facilities.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Computing FacilitiesComputing/WorkshopSpace for operating personnel, may contain servers or any other equipment needed 12.1
Server Room (Central)May contain hubs, routers, wiring closets, servers, etc. 12.1
Printing/ Duplicating FacilitiesPrinting ServicesPrinting services available to entire university community 12.2
Printing ShopSpace designated for printing/duplicating equipment 12.2
Printing SuppliesSpace designated for supplies and storage for printing/duplicating 12.2
University MailLoading Bay (Mail)Shipping/receiving area designated for university mail only 12.2
Mail SortingCentral mailroom area for the delivery/sorting of university mail 12.2
Technical ServicesWorkshop (TS)Specialized Technical Workshop for Technical Services 12.3
Storage Room (TS)Storage/Supply Room for Technical Services 12.3

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13. Health Services Facilities

Description: A room or group of rooms intended to supply health services primarily to the general university population, and rooms serving these facilities

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Health Services/ClinicClinic/Examination RoomExamination room - medical clinic 13.1
Clinic/InfirmaryInfirmary - clinic for students/employees 13.1
Clinic/PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy room 13.1
Clinic/Supply RoomSecured medical supply space 13.1
First Aid RoomDesignated area for first aid 13.1

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14. Student Activities

Description: Space accessible to the general university population intended for recreational, rest, or relaxation, or rooms directly serving these facilities.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Student Office/Support SpaceClub/Society (MUNSU)Designated to be used by a specific club/society (controlled by the student union) 14.1
Locker/Change (Student)Space designated for student lockers/change area 14.1
Office (MUNSU)Area used by student union administrative staff 14.1
Support Space (MUNSU)Support space/storage for student union activities 14.1
Resource Centre (MUNSU)Designated to be used by a specific resource centre under MUNSU14.1
Student Recreational ServicesGame Room (MUNSU)Space equipped with furniture designed specifically for games, etc. 14.2
Multipurpose (MUNSU)Multipurpose area used for various activities controlled by the student union 14.2

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15. Assembly/Exhibition Facilities

Description: Space intended to serve the general university population and to be used for dramatic, musical, or exhibition purposes.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Assembly FacilitiesChapelDesignated for religious services 15.1
Exhibition FacilitiesArt GalleryEstablished art gallery space (permanent) 15.2
Exhibition/ MultipurposeExhibit space area typically used for various exhibits or other events 15.2
Gallery/StorageStorage designated for gallery 15.2
Gallery/Workshop/ SupportDesignated workshop for gallery 15.2
MuseumDesignated space for special collections 15.2
Theatre/Concert HallDressing RoomChange rooms for artists 15.1
Stage AreaStage used for theatre or concert 15.1
Stage/Storage AreaStorage area designated for concert/theatre 15.1
Theatre HallSeating that is part of the concert/theatre hall 15.1
Theatre/Back Stage AreaStaging Area 15.1
Theatre/Back Stage LoungeDesignated area for artists to wait 15.1

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16. Non-Assignable/Central Utility

Description: Space used for public/circulation or used by building central utility services.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Central Utility PlantBoiler RoomBoiler room 16.1
Central Utility RoomCentral utility room 16.1
Electrical/Transformer RoomElectrical transformer station 16.1
IncineratorIncinerator 16.1
Refrigeration PlantRefrigeration plant 16.1
Central Utility ServicesA/C RoomDesignated area for air conditioning systems only 16.2
Custodial ClosetCustodial closet for cleaning supplies/equipment, containing a sink/water 16.2
Data ClosetCloset designated for computer data equipment and wires 16.2
Electrical ClosetSmall (closet size) space with electrical panels or other 16.2
Electrical RoomElectrical room 16.2
Electrical/Mechanical RoomCombination of electrical and mechanical services 16.2
Elevator/Machine RoomElevator machine control room 16.2
Elevator/ShaftElevator shaft 16.2
High Voltage RoomHigh voltage room with restricted access 16.2
Mechanical RoomMechanical room 16.2
Service TunnelUnderground services area accessible to maintenance crews only 16.2
Telephone ClosetCloset for telephone equipment/wires 16.2
Water Entrance RoomDesignated for control of building water access 16.2
Inactive SpaceConstruction/RenovationArea vacated or under construction 16.3
VacantVacant/unassigned to any user(s), held for future hires or other 16.3
Service SpaceCrawl space or other service area16.3
Public Parking StructureGarage (Public Parking)Public parking garage area 16.4
Public/ Circulation SpaceAtriumBuilding atrium (public access) 16.2
CorridorPublic corridor in a building 16.2
Loading BayBuilding loading bay - used for deliveries 16.2
Lobby AreaMain lobby area in a building (typically by main entrance) 16.2
Seating/Waiting (Public)Area designated for public seating (waiting) - not part of the main lobby 16.2
Staircase (Maintenance)Staircase with private or authorized access only (roof access, etc.) 16.2
StairwellPublic staircase in a building 16.2
Tunnel (Public)Underground link/passage between buildings that might contain student lockers 16.2
Vestibule/EntranceSeparated entrance to the building area 16.2
Walkway/OverpassOver ground link between buildings 16.2
Garbage/Recycling CollectionArea designated for the collection of garbage and/or recycling16.2
WashroomShower (F)Female shower designated for public use (not athletic or sport related)16.2 
Shower (M)Male shower designated for public use (not athletic or sport related) 16.2
Shower (M/F)Male or female enclosed shower designated for public use (not athletic or sport related) 16.2
Washroom/Shower (F)Washroom/shower combination - female only 16.2
Washroom/Shower (M)Washroom/shower combination - male only 16.2
Washroom/Shower (M/F)Washroom/shower combination - controlled access (lockable), male or female 16.2
Washroom-Private (F)Private (en suite) female washroom 16.2
Washroom-Private (F)(H)Private (en suite) Feale Handicapped Accessible Washroom16.2
Washroom-Private (M)Private (en suite) male washroom 16.2
Washroom-Private (M)(H)Private (en suite) Male Handicapped Accessible Washroom16.2
Washroom-Private (M/F)Private (en suite) Male washroom (typically inside office suite) 16.2
Washroom-Private (M/F)(H)Private (en suite) Male/Female Handicapped Accessible Washroom16.2
Washroom-Public (F)Public washroom designated for female 16.2
Washroom-Public (M)Public washroom designated for male 16.2
Washroom-Public (M/F)Public washroom - male, female, or non-gender specific 16.2
Washroom-Public (F) (H)Public handicap washroom designated for female16.2
Washroom-Public (M) (H)Public handicap washroom designated for male16.2
Washroom-Public (M/F) (H)Public handicap washroom - male, female, or non-gender specific16.2
Gender InclusivePublic Gender Inclusive Washroom (M/F)16.2
Gender Inclusive (H)Public Gender Inclusive Handicap Washroom (M/F)16.2

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17. Residential Space

Description: Space to accommodate housing needs for one or more individuals and the space directly serving these facilities.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Residence Living SpaceKitchen (Apartment)Separate kitchen space in an apartment 17.1
Living/Kitchen (Apartment)Living room with kitchenette area in the apartment 17.1
Residence ApartmentAn apartment including kitchen/living/washroom, indicated as one room number (can also consist of one or more bedrooms) 17.1
Res/Apartment BedroomBedroom in the apartment 17.1
Res/Bedroom (Double)Residence bedroom - double 17.1
Res/Bedroom (Single)Residence bedroom - single 17.1
Res/Closet/StorageDesignated space for Closet or other residence storage17.1
Res/Shower (Suite)Separate residence shower room - typically part of the apartment 17.1
Res/Toilet (Suite)Separate residence toilet with vanity - part of the apartment 17.1
Res/Washroom (Suite)Private residence full washroom (shower, toilet and vanity) - typically inside apartment 17.1
Res/Washroom/Shower-FResidence female - shared shower/washroom room (includes: vanity/shower/toilet) 17.1
Res/Washroom/Shower-MResidence male - shared shower/washroom room (includes: vanity/shower/toilet) 17.1
Res/Apartment EntranceApartment Vestibule/Entrance Area17.1
Study/Computer (Residence)Designated for computer work or study 17.1
TV Room (Residence)Designated for TV only 17.1
Residence Service SpaceKitchen/Shared (Residence)Kitchen in the residence - used by many 17.2
Laundry Room (Residence)Designated for residents' laundry 17.2
Locker Room (Residence)Designated for lockers used by residents (storage) 17.2
Lounge (Residence)Lounge space in residence 17.2
Multipurpose (Residence)Multipurpose room 17.2
Res/Admin OfficeDesignated for administration of the residence building 17.2
Storage (Residence)Storage designated for residence use only 17.2

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18. Animal Space

Description: Animal facilities in overall support of teaching or research and space directly serving these facilities.

Sub CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Animal Specialized AreasAnimal/Cage StorageStorage for animal cages and other related equipment 18.1
Animal/Feed PreparationDesignated area for preparation of animal feed 18.1
Animal/Feed StorageDesignated area for animal feed storage 18.1
Animal/Holding RoomSpecial room for holding animals 18.1
Animal/Procedure RoomExamination/procedure (not surgery) room 18.1
Animal/Service SpaceSpace/area for animal services 18.1
Animal/Surgery RoomDesignated area for animal surgery 18.1

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19. Other University Facilities

Description: Space designated and controlled for special services provided by the university or for special projects

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #
Day Care FacilitiesChildren Change AreaChange area for children 19.1
Children's WashroomWashroom designed for children's use 19.1
Play Room (Day Care)Space used for teaching/playing in the day care facility 19.1
Quiet Room (Day Care)Designated quite space/room in the day care 19.1
MerchandisingCommercial EnterpriseDisplay/cashier area used to sell merchandise 19.3
Post OfficePost office 19.3
Print/Copy (Retail)Student and employee chargeable/printing/scanning services 19.3
Store/Warehouse (Retail)Supply room or warehouse for merchandise only 19.3
Travel/Insurance AgencyDesignated space for campus-based travel or insurance agencies 19.3

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20. Health Science Clinical Facilities

Description: Space operated by the university but used directly to support instructional, research and service for clinical health science disciplines.

Sub-CategoryRoom TypeDescriptionCOU #

Clinical Instructional/ Research Space

Clinical Research RoomDesignated for clinical research 20.1
Clinical/Instruction LabDesignated for specialized clinical teaching 20.1
Hospital ClinicChange Room (Clinic)Change room in clinic 20.1
Clinical RoomDesignated room for medical use 20.1
File Room (Hospital)Secured area for medical working files - NOT storage 20.1
Medical Supplied - HospitalHospital storage for medical supplies 20.1
Nurses StationNurses station, reception area 20.1
Patient BathroomHospital patient bathroom 20.1
Patient RoomHospital patient room 20.1
Prep-Surgery Room - HospitalArea for surgery preparation 20.1
Surgery Room (Hospital)Hospital surgery room 20.1
Treatment Room (Hospital)Medical treatment room 20.1

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