Space Data - Room Numbering

All Memorial University Buildings room numbers start with the assigned building prefix follow by four or three digit number (the first digit indicates number of the floor/level of the building).

For all projects requiring room numbering or re-numbering (alterations), consultants must provide floor plans to Manager of Space Planning & Administration. Numbering of the rooms/spaces must be completed in the preliminary stages of the project, ideally onece the design or layout has been approved.

It is required, that the space/room numbers on the final blue prints for the project correspond with same space numbers assigned after completion of the construction. This process is critical for maintining data for space and related information (mechanical and electrical equipment location and other).  

If, renovated area (section of the building) requires substancial addition or reduction of the room numbers, some gaps in the numbering sequence may be necessary to be created. That is especilly common when elactrical/data or mechanical service spaces are in betwenn renovated areas or when there is no other alternative.

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