Cost Recovery

Information for Contractors

Deficiency Charges for Corrective and Incomplete Work

The University endeavors to ensure that all work is undertaken with the utmost quality and value in mind. Contractors are expected to delivery products and services that meet the standards of acceptance for professional trades and the specifications of the contract.

Items or workmanship that are found to be damaged or deficient under the contract are identified as deficiencies, and opportunities are provided to the contractor to correct the work. Where circumstances dictate, the University may undertake to complete deficient work with its own forces or other, externally contracted services.

The recovery rate for all Facilities Management employees whose time is spent correcting deficient or incomplete work under a contract, will be a minimum of $75 per hour or the actual costs. This rate may be subject to change peridically.

These costs shall be charged back to the contractor via invoicing and/or change orders to the original contract.


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