What are some of the Typical Chargeable Services?

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A variety of materials are available for purchase through Facilities Management including:

  • Maintenance and cleaning materials available from our departmental?? Stores.
  • Manufactured items such as shelves, cabinets, office bulletin boards, display units, etc., including installation. Availability of such items is based on the workload of our Building Services Section. Priority will be given to the provision of regular maintenance services.
  • Electrical power bars, jiffy poles and raceways, including installation.
  • Security alarm systems.
  • Signs for conferences and other functions, directory boards, and decals for University vehicles.
  • Wall mounts for telecommunications equipment.
  • Discretionary replacement of draperies and blinds.
  • Office systems and furniture.
  • First aid kits, eyewash stations and fire extinguishers (if requested beyond the requirements of fire/safety codes).


  • All operating services and materials provided in support of renovations.
  • Extensions to electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems to accommodate equipment installations, changes in room function or convenience.
  • Relocation of building services such as electrical, plumbing and ventilation for convenience.
  • Minor renovations such as door and wall installations to accommodate equipment installations, changes in room function or convenience.
  • Discretionary flooring upgrades.
  • Painting for other than maintenance priorities, finishes for items manufactured by our Carpentry Shop.
  • Water treatment equipment installed for convenience, including filters.
  • Stand alone air-conditioning systems where not as a result of building equipment or occupant induced heating loads which are a discretionary requirement of the requesting department.


  • Changing locks where not required for maintenance reasons.
  • Installation of combination locks.
  • Replacing lost or stolen keys.
  • Power supplies for special events and/or energy consumed in support of revenue-generating activities.
  • Cleaning for conferences and functions and after hours floor stripping/waxing.
  • Moves for surplus assets, shredding of confidential documents, moves which must occur after hours or where the services of an external contractor are required (typically for major optional reorganizations).


  • If work, either maintenance or modifications, is found to be the result of negligence, the responsible department will be charged.


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