What Major Categories of Services are Available?

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Major service categories include:

Emergency Response

Campus Enforcement & Patrol coordinates response to all emergency situations including fire, accident/illness, crime, hazardous spills/gas leaks, and bomb threats. Any incident should be reported to Campus Enforcement immediately at 4100 or through regional emergency services at 9-911. Note: When utilizing911, a follow-up call should be made to Campus Enforcement and Patrol.

Emergency Repairs

Any unusual occurrence, utility malfunction or equipment failure which presents an imminent danger to life or health or has the potential for major damage to property is an emergency and should be reported immediately to the Work Control Centre at 864-7600. Dispatch services are available on a 24-hour basis.

Routine Maintenance

Includes basic maintenance needs such as doors sticking, plumbing problems, replacing lightbulbs, heating or air-conditioning needs, routine cleaning needs, snow and ice removal, or repairs to classroom furniture or fixtures. These services are provided free of charge and can be obtained by contacting the Work Control Centre at 864-7600 or through campus email at facman@mun.ca.

Service/Material Requests

Includes requests for materials from our Central Stores or services which are not related to the maintenance of building functions and occupant services. These would include any changes or extensions to existing services to accommodate equipment installations, changes in room function or convenience. Services are typically charged to the requesting department and should be requested on a Service/Material Authorization Form. Forms are available from your departmental general office or can be obtained by contacting the Work Control Centre at 864-7600 or through campus email atfacman@mun.ca.


Requests for renovations should be made through Facilities Development & Renewal. This division is responsible for the compilation of an annual funding request for submission to the Senior Executive Committee (SEC). Budget submissions are typically updated and reviewed by SEC mid-winter to facilitate final planning and tendering for the upcoming fiscal period.

Where funding will be from departmental sources, requests should be made utilizing the Service/Material Authorization Form and providing the chargeable departmental account number. Forms are available from your departmental general office or can be obtained by contacting the Work Control Centre at 864-7600.

For more information, contact Facilities Development & Renewal at 864-8272or 864-8725.


Estimates will be provided upon request for services, which are paid for by the requesting department, on receipt of a Service/Material Authorization Form. There will be no charge for ballpark estimates as these estimates are based on general standards. Unforeseen complications/problems and/or changes in project scope may affect the accuracy of such estimates. Where detailed estimates are required, the funding department will be charged for the services. Charges will typically run between $100 and $250 based on the scope of the project.

Estimates are also available for chargeable work requested through our Building Services Section. There is no charge for these as the scope of the job is typically very minor.

Detailed estimates will be honoured for thirty days from submission.


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