ECS adheres to the following policies:

Support / After Hours Support

ECS will make a best effort to resolve hardware and software issues on University-owned computers in an efficient and timely manner.

All computer issues should be submitted through the ECS ticket system so all issues can be prioritized and resolved. This system is monitored continuously during office hours. Issues that occur outside of office hours will be addressed based on severity and the resources that are available.



1. All PCs that are connected to the network must have an up-to-date operating system (OS) and run the ITS-maintained McAfee Anti-Virus.

  • Macs must also have McAfee installed.
  • PCs using Linux are not required to use McAfee software.

2. All laptops and tablets must comply with MUN encryption standards.

3. ECS can only service MUN property. We cannot work on personal computers or other devices.



University-purchased software (e.g., Labview; MasterCam) can only be installed on University-owned computers.

Exceptions are software that has been purchased by MUN for all students:


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