Research Themes

Department Head: Cheng Li 

Mohamed Hossam Ahmed: Wireless and mobile communications

Jonathan Anderson: Software systems, computer security and simulation

Stephen Czarnuch:Human motion tracking and automated planning

Octavia A. Dobre: Signal processing and digital communications

Glyn George: Engineering education, probability and statistics

Ray Gosine: Industrial automation, robotics and biomedical engineering

Howard Heys: Computer and communications security, cryptology, communications networks and protocols

Weimin Huang: Mapping of oceanic surface parameters via high frequency ground-wave radar, ocean surface target detection and tracking and wave and current information extraction from ocean clutter using microwave marine navigation radar

M. Tariq Iqbal: Wind energy, distributed power generation and instrumentation and control

Benjamin Jeyasurya: Power system optimization, power system stability and synchrophasor applications to power systems

Cheng Li: Wireless sensor/mesh networks architecture and protocols; multicasting in wireless sensor and ad hoc networks; software-defined radio, cognitive radio for wireless communications and broadband switching and routing

Vlastimil Masek: Instrumentation and control, smart sensors and robotics

Cecilia Moloney: Non-linear signal and image processing methods, signal representations via wavelet and contourlet transforms, radar signal processing, transformative pedagogy for science and engineering and gender and science studies

Theodore S. Norvell: Programming methodology and languages, formal methods in software engineering and digital systems

Siu O'Young: Unmanned aircraft, real-time hybrid control system and formal methods

Dennis K. Peters: Requirements specification for real-time systems, automated testing and software design documentation techniques

Mohamed Shehata: Video and image processing, object identification and tracking in outdoor environment, intelligent cameras, new algorithms for emerging industrial applications with emphasis on oil and gas and marine technologies and software design of video surveillance systems

Andrew Vardy: Swarm robotics, bio-inspired robotics and autonomous underwater vehicles

Lihong Zhang: VLSI design automation, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit design, digital system and circuit design, and computer-based instrumentation


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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