Research Facilities

Current areas of expertise:

Electrical and computer engineering (ECE) at Memorial currently has a broad range of research expertise. Many of these strengths have specifically developed due to their economic and social importance to the province and, consequently, their strategy significance to Memorial; other expertise have developed as the result of the unique mix of highly capable researchers that were hired to provide breadth to the undergraduate, graduate, and research programs of the Faculty.

Expertise is principally focused in the following research areas:

Centre of Digital Hardware Applications Research (CDHAR)
Faculty: H. Heys, C. Li, T. Norvell, R. Venkatesan
Topics: Quality-of-service in packet switching, packet switch fabric design, error control codes, communications security, hardware specification language tools

Software Engineering Lab (SwEL)
Faculty: M. Bruce-Lockhart, T. Norvell, D. Peters
Topics: Reliable software, real-time software specifications, software verification, pedagogical tools for software

Multimedia Communications Lab (MCL)
Faculty: M. Ahmed, C. Moloney, O. Dobre
Topics: Signal and image processing, wireless communications

Instrumentation, Control, and Automation (including C-CORE Intelligent Systems Group and the INCA Lab)
Faculty: R. Gosine, T. Iqbal, V. Masek, S. O'Young
Topics: Safety-critical automation, multi-agent panning and control, autonomous control and telerobotics telemedicine applications, control in harsh environments, intelligent control

Energy Systems Lab
Faculty: T. Iqbal, B. Jeyasurya, J. Quaicoe, A. Rahman, M. Ordonez
Topics: Distributed energy systems, wind energy, motors and drives, digital relaying, power system security, power electronics

In addition to these five research labs/groups ECE also has fundamental research ongoing in the area of remote sensing (specifically HF Radar) under the direction of E. Gill and in biodmedical image analysis applications under the direction of R. Gosine.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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