Place Names of the Northern Peninsula; A New Edition

Place Names of the Northern Peninsula

E.R. Seary. Robert Hollett and William J. Kirwin, eds. (St. John's, NL: Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2000)

An early work, intended as a pilot study, was Toponymy of the Island of Newfoundland, in two stencilled parts: Sources and Maps (Seary 1959) and Names; The Northern Peninsula (Seary 1960). With the English Language Research Centre firmly established by the late 1990s, these early monographs were felt to be so valuable that Place Names of the Northern Peninsula; A New Edition was issued by the Institute of Social and Economic Research in 2000.

Using 1954-1959 National Toponymic Series maps as a base point, the study records the development of each name in map sources across a period beginning in the early sixteenth century up to the middle of the twentieth century. Included is a map keyed to the study area, a glossary of foreign terms, a history of the mapping of Newfoundland names, an analytical survey of the place names of the Northern Peninsula, a gazetteer, a list of the maps consulted, and a bibliography of the writings of E.R. Seary.


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