Tuition fees

Masters of Education in Reading Development and Instruction

The University reserves the right to make changes to the regulations, fees and charges. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of these fees and charges (see Financial and Administrative Services) and the applicable deadlines (see University Diary). 

Fees per semester NL students*Other Canadian studentsInternational studentsNumber of semesters fees must be paid
Tuition fees
Plan A (6 semesters)$953.00$1,239.00$1,611.006
Plan B (9 semesters)$635.00$826.00$1,074.009
Special fees
Plan A (6 semesters)$1,250.00$1,250.00$1,250.006
Plan B (9 semesters)$833.33$833.33$833.339
Ancillary fees:**
GSU fees$30.85$30.85$30.85per semester
CFS fees$9.52$9.52$9.52per semester
Rec fee (opt out)$62.72$62.72$62.72per semester
Student services fee$50.00$50.00$50.00per semester
Campus renewal fee$166.67$166.67$166.67per semester
CITL fee$51.00$102.00$102.00per course
Drug and Health Insurance$424.44 per year$424.44 per year$424.44 per yearfull-time students only; opt out option available
Dental coverage$265.68 per year$265.68 per year$265.68 per yearfull-time students only; opt out option available
Total minimum ancillary fees$370.76$421.76$421.76
Total minimum tuition and fees
Plan A (6 semesters)$15,442.56$17,464.56$19,696.566
Plan B (9 semesters)$16,551.84$18,729.84$20,961.849
Required resources***$1,200.00$1,200.00$1,200.00

*Details on the criteria to qualify as a Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) student can be found here.

**A total listing of ancillary fees and process for opting out can be found here.

*** Approximated textbook and resources required.


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