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The Education Library

The Education Library provides students with the textual and supplementary materials they require for their course work and teaching. Materials include current school texts as well as teacher's curriculum guides, children's literature, resource books, educational software, educational videos and multimedia kits.

The Teaching and Learning Commons

The Faculty of Education’s Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) opened in spring 2014. It is a leading-edge learning centre created to support teacher candidates in their academic programs. This state-of-the art open-concept space is located on the fifth floor of the Education Building in close proximity to our regular learning spaces. It provides a friendly, comfortable space for collaborative work, technologies for teaching and learning such as SMART boards, digital projection equipment, two video/audio editing stations, multimedia support and faculty/staff support for different approaches to teaching and learning. This lively, engaging space is designed to accommodate student discussion and group work, innovative projects and seminars.

Here is a video tour of the TLC:

The Education Society

All students are invited to join the Education Society; the official organization for education students. Education students are represented on various committees including many of the standing committees of the Faculty Council of Education.

Office of Undergraduate Programs

The Faculty of Education's Office of Undergraduate Programs is committed to meeting the needs of education students. You'll find that faculty and staff members are eager to offer assistance.

Articles and online resources

How to Succeed at University (AND GET A GREAT JOB) [PDF]-- Free book on Mastering the skills you need for school, work and life. 

Links to education resources and articles. Here you find information about classroom management, lesson plans and much more.

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