Dr. Sarah PIckett

Elrenna Evans, 2008 describes the following concept in Fitting In: “the academy’s ‘floating head’ syndrome; how people are expected to function as disembodied brains, not connected to bodies or families or any sort of life outside of academic pursuits” (p. 51). I don’t ever want to become a believer in the possibility of “floating heads” for my students or myself. I often challenge students to become comfortable with all their “selves” and not only their academic minds. I encourage students and create opportunities to link experience (reflections) to the current literature as this demonstrates a well developed process of self-evaluation and critical self-practice. I embed social/cultural issues and the process of conceptualizing and contextualizing therapeutic work with a diversity lens in all aspect of their learning. My present area of teaching is counseling psychology in which I teach predominantly courses focused on applied subjects with both theory and skills based components.



ED 4624 & ED 4645 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Expression in Education Matter



ED 6700 Ethical and Legal Issue in Counseling

ED 6716 Working with Parents and Families

ED 6708 Group Counseling Theory and Practice

ED 6720 Internship In Counseling Psychology

ED 6717 Counseling Adolescents


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