This is a photo of Dr. Jennifer Selby, Religious Studies, and me with Nasrin Akter who has just received her Master's degree.


The list of topics below seems very diverse but what unites them is that they are all explorations of aspects of language, culture and social justice. In general, the work I supervise is done through the theoretical lenses of critical pedagogy or cultural studies and also draws on work in second language acquisition, aesthetic theory and autobiography. Methodologies are narrative, textual analysis or ethnography, or, in some cases, a creative approach through film, audio or creative non-fiction. I feel lucky to have been involved in such a diversity of fascinating projects and honoured to have worked with so many wonderful students. The photo shows former student Nasrin Akter at convocation with co-supervisors Jennifer Selby and me (on left). Nasrin researched the experiences of Bangladeshi Muslim women in St. John's and how their religious views were affected by being part of a broader international Muslim community. It's a good example of the kind of investigation of what people learn from cultural intersections in their daily lives that I am interested in supervising.


Doctoral Thesis (Education): Xiaolin Xu - Images and Identities: Exploring the Tension Between Cultural Expectations and Teachers’ Lived Experiences (Supervisor)

Doctoral Thesis (Education): Aedon Young - Children's High Fantasy as Postcolonial Discourse (Supervisor)

Doctoral Thesis (Education): Rob Pozeg - The Same Old Story: A Research Proposal on Critical Youth Studies, Arts-based Research, Autoethnography, and Poststructuralism (Committee Member)

Doctoral Thesis (Education): Bahar Haghighat - Rethinking Bullying: Fat-bullying and Weight Stigma at Schools (Committee Member)

Doctoral Thesis (Education): Abena Boachie - Studio Critique: A Pedagogical Tool in Art and Design Education (Committee Member)

Doctoral Thesis (Education): Cheng Li - Identities in Learning Memoirs: English Learners from Rural China  (Committee Member)

Doctoral Thesis (Community Health): Emily Doyle - An Assessment of the Current School Food System in Newfoundland and Labrador (Committee member)

Master’s thesis (Education): Farrah Colette - An Ethnographic Account of Third Culture Students’ Experiences in an International School in Bangkok (Supervisor)


Doctoral thesis (Interdisciplinary 2018): Margot Maddison-MacFadyen - Reclaiming Local Histories of Enslavement in the Maritime Atlantic (Co-supervisor)

Master’s folio (Education 2017): Melissa Halpenny - Non-indigenous Teachers in Indigenous Schools: Experiences and Resources (Supervisor)

Master's thesis (Education 2017): Camille Fouillard - Precious Little (Co-supervisor)

Master's thesis (Gender Studies 2017): Erin Mobley - Trans- Youth Matter(s): An Exploration of the ‘Safe’ Space Phenomenon (Co-supervisor)

Master's project (Education 2017): Susanne Hawkins - Using Card Games and Board Games in the Intensive Core French Classroom (Co-supervisor)

Master's thesis (Education 2015): David Martino - Mirror, Mirror and the Wall - Seeing the Problematics of Doing Reflection in the English Language Arts Classroom as a Gesture Towards a Minor Literature of Education (Supervisor)

Master’s thesis (Gender Studies 2014): Sandy May - Babies are the New Accessory: Discursive Constructions of Teenage Pregnancy and Young Mothering (Co-supervisor)

Doctoral thesis (Education 2013): Echo Pittman - ESL Students' Experiences and Challenges with Process Writing Pedagogy (Supervisor)

Master's thesis (Education 2013): Xiaolin Xu - Exploring the Development of Teacher Identity: A Narrative Inquiry of an Experienced ESL Teacher (Supervisor)

Master's thesis (Education 2013): Aedon Young - The Quest for Identity in Children's High and Wainscots Fantasy (Supervisor)

Master's folio (Education 2013): Shawnee Hardware - Multiculturalism and Social Justice: Policies, Teacher Training and Language Teaching (Co-supervisor)

Master's thesis (Women's Studies 2012): Erin McKee - Constructing Identity Through Community Radio: A Comparative Study of Community Building in Belfast, N. Ireland & Newfoundland and Labrador (Co-supervisor)

Master's thesis (Women's Studies 2012): Carolyn Shimmin - Beyond Virginia Woolf: Women, Mental Health, Mental Illness and Addictions: The Need for an Equity – Based Analysis of the MHCC's Anti-Stigma Campaign (Co-supervisor)

Master's Internship (Education 2012): Guoying Li - Internship Placement with MUN's ESL Department (Co-supervisor)

Doctoral thesis (Education 2011): John Hoben - Learning What You Cannot Say: Public School Teachers and Free Speech, An Exploratory Qualitative Study (Supervisor)

Doctoral thesis (Education 2011): Maria Rodriguez - Portraits of the Activity Systems of Postsecondary International Students in Online Courses: From Tensions to Transformations in Activity (Committee Member)

Master's thesis (Education 2011): Chris Peters - A Narrative Study of a School Gardening Project (Supervisor)

Master's thesis (Education 2011): Olga Viltchek - ESL Teachers in the Eastern School District: A Grounded Theory Study of Key Issues and Concerns (Supervisor)

Master's thesis (Women's Studies 2011): Laura Nelson-Hamilton - "All for one Harvest! One Harvest for All!" Exploring the Processes, Meanings and Outcomes of Community Gardening at Rabbittown (Co-supervisor)

Master's Folio (Education 2011): Margaret McKeon - Environmental Education Ascending: An Exploration of Environmental Education, Aboriginal Education, and Ecocriticism (Supervisor)

Doctoral thesis (Education 2010): Kate Bride - Remembrance Studies And Ethical Learning: Psychoanalytic Forays Into Pedagogical Practice (Committee Member)

Master’s thesis (Women’s Studies 2010): Nasrin Akter – The Religious Understandings of Bangladeshi Muslim Women in St. John's (Co-supervisor)

Master’s Folio (Education 2010): Chunyan Zhu - Second Language Acquisition, Diversity and Disability (Supervisor)

Master’s Project (Education 2009): Joan Dohey - Two For Joy: Dialects of the Southern Shore - documentary film (Co-supervisor)

Master’s thesis (Education 2009): Melody Morton-Ninomiya - Sexual Health Education: A Critical Analysis Of 'Sex Ed' Teachers' Feelings, Attitudes And Comfort Levels (Co-supervisor)

Master’s thesis (Women’s Studies 2008): Xiangrong Huang - Expectations Of Love And Marriage In Relationships Between Chinese Women And Western Men (Co-supervisor)

Master’s thesis (Women’s Studies 2007): Joy Obah-Adeola - Exploring The Undone Nigerian Woman: An Analysis Of Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys Of Motherhood (Co-supervisor)

Master’s thesis (Education 2007): Carolyn Parsons, Exploring the Current Level of Social Interactions between International and Domestic Students at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (Supervisor)

Masters' project (Women’s Studies 2005): Danielle Devereaux - Media And Culture Film And Discussion Series (Co-supervisor)

Master's thesis (Education 2004): Jenn Wicks - Experiences At An Anglo-Canadian University Of Students Whose First Language Is Not English (Supervisor)

Master's thesis (Women’s Studies 2004): Vicki Hallett - The Normative Operation Of Gender In A Variety Of Newfoundland Texts (Co-supervisor).

Masters' thesis (Education 2003): Li Yuan - Chinese Teachers' Perceptions Of The Implementation And Effectiveness Of Communicative Language Teaching (Supervisor)

Masters' thesis (Women’s Studies 2003): Frances Talarico - Female Sexuality And Socialisation In A Southern Italian-Canadian Sub-Culture (Co-supervisor)

Masters' folio (Education 2003): Guming Zhao - A Narrative Inquiry Into Second Language Learning (Supervisor)

Masters' internship (Women’s Studies 2003): Michelle Smith - Development of a Discussion Tool for Use by Equality Seeking Groups and Individuals - Placement with Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women (Co-supervisor)

Masters' project (Education 2003): Xiao Qian Kong - Towards A Model Of A Language Learning Community For The Spouses Of International Students (Supervisor)

Masters' thesis (Women’s Studies 2001): Danielle Finney - The Construction Of Female Sexuality In Women's Magazines (Co-supervisor)

Masters' thesis (Women’s Studies 2001): Raquel David - The Expression Of Dialogism Through The Writing Of The I In Virginia Woolf's Moments of Being And Christa Wolf's A Model Childhood (Co-supervisor)

Masters' folio (Education 2001): Ling He - Some Issues In EFL Writing (Co-supervisor)

Masters' project (Education 2000): Karen Tempelman - Curriculum Guidelines For Primary Core French (Co-supervisor)

Masters' thesis (Education 1999): Heather White - Reflections On Learning: One Group's Undergraduate Learning Experience (Co-supervisor)

Masters' thesis (Education 1998): Yong Ping Shi - Learning And Instructional Experiences Of English As A Foreign Language In China: A Perspective Study Conducted In The Foreign Languages Department Of A Chinese University (Supervisor)

Masters' folio (Education 1998): Janet Fewer-Gillis - Motivation And Second Language Students In Small Schools (Supervisor)

Masters' thesis (Education 1997): Adele Walsh - Making Sense Of The French In French Immersion: Concept Development In EFI (Supervisor)

Masters' thesis (Education 1996): Moursheda Rahman - EFL Curriculum Development In Bangladesh (Supervisor)

Masters' thesis (Education 1995): Harold Warr - Teachers' Assessment Of Core French Programs In Newfoundland and Labrador (Supervisor)

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