Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles


Kirk Anderson
Professor and Dean
B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed. Memorial, Ph.D. Toronto

Research topics in 

Dr. Rhonda Joy
Associate Professor and  Dean, Graduate Programs  and Reseach
B.Sc., M.Ed. Memorial, Ed.D. O.I.S.E.

Second language learning (French immersions and Intensive French), Career development (career integrated learning), Perceptions of and knowledge about concussions, Counseling

Dr. Edith Furey
Associate Professor Dean, Undergraduate Programs 
B.Ed., B.A., B. Spec. Ed.,  M.Ed University of Alberta

Second language learning (French immersions and Intensive French), Career development (career integrated learning), Perceptions of and knowledge about concussions, Counseling

Anne Burke
Professor                              B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., Memorial, Ph.D. University of Toronto

Energetics, reactions, and structures of gaseous ions and self-assembled complexes of metal cations with amino-acids, peptides, and DNA bases. Laser Spectrosocpy. FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry.

Paris E. Georghiou
Honourary Research Professor 
PhD McGill University

The synthesis of biologically-active molecules and development of functional calix[n]arenes for their metal ion and supramolecular binding properties.

Huck K. Grover
Assisant Professor
PhD University of Western

My research interests revolve around the development of modern synthetic methods (ex. C-H activation, photoredox reactions, radical processes) and the application of these methods toward the synthesis of highly sought after bioactive natural products (ex. alkaloids, terpenes, and polyketides).

Karen Hattenhauer
Assistant Professor
PhD University of Manitoba

Research Interests

Robert J. Helleur
Honourary Research Professor 
PhD Queen's University

Research Interests

Michael J. Katz
Assistant Professor
PhD Simon Fraser University

Research in the Katz group focus on using porous materials with emphasis on hypothesis-based research towards modern day challenges in chemical storage, chemical separations, and catalysis (to name a few).

Francesca M. Kerton
PhD University of Sussex

We research environmentally-friendly chemical processes including catalysis, transformations of biomass and carbon dioxide, and green polymers. Students develop multidisciplinary chemistry skills.

Christopher M. Kozak
PhD University of British

We synthesize homogeneous catalysts containing earth-abundant metals for transformations of carbon dioxide, synthesis of green polymers, and applications in carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond-forming reactions.

Erika Merschrod
PhD Cornell University

Multiscale materials with applications from optoelectronic sensors, to antifouling coatings and tissue scaffolds; hybrid scanning probe techniques applied to biological tissue imaging and analysis.

Paul G. Mezey
PhD University of Budapest
DSc University of Saskatchewan

Over 400 publications on: molecular shape analysis, quantum chemistry of functional groups, molecular fragments, combinatorial quantum chemistry, molecule design, Holographic Electron Density Theorem, the Universal Molecule.

Sunil V. Pansare
PhD University of Alberta

My research interests are mainly in the area of asymmetric organic synthesis, asymmetric organocatalysis and metal-based catalysis, natural product synthesis, diversity oriented synthesis and medicinal chemistry.

Peter G. Pickup
DPhil Oxford University
University Research
Professor Awarded 2005

Our focus is on the development of materials for energy conversion and storage. Current areas include catalysts for ethanol fuel cells and electroactive materials for supercapacitors.

Raymond A. Poirier
PhD University of Toronto
University Research
Professor Awarded 2012

We develop novel electronic structure theories capable of dealing with very large molecules, study the properties of atoms and bonds in molecules, and reaction mechanisms.

Heather Reader
Assistant Professor 
PhD University of Georgia
Canada Research Chair in Chemistry of the Ocean and Atmosphere

Research focuses on the biogeochemistry of organic matter in the world’s oceans. Application of novel experimental approaches and use combinations of analytical tools to better understand carbon cycling in marine systems.

Christopher N. Rowley
Associate Professor
PhD University of Ottawa

Our group uses computer simulations to model biophysical processes like enzyme inhibition and membrane permeation. These simulations are used to design new pharmaceutical drugs.

Jane Stockmann
Assistant Professor
PhD Western

We develop new ionic liquids and plastic crystal substrates with embedded nanoparticles for use as soft probes for high resolution electrochemical (bio)sensing and imaging. We use scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) for kinetic, thermodynamic, and mechanistic analysis employing both solid solution electrodes and immiscible liquid-liquid interfaces.

David W. Thompson
Associate Professor
PhD York University

Our research focuses on solar energy conversion to fuels using molecular based artificial photosynthetic devices. The success of creating such devices requires a fundamental understanding of excited states through structure/electronic structure relationships. A variety of static and time-resolved laser spectroscopic methods.

Peter L. Warburton
Assistant Professor
PhD University of Saskatchewan

My research focus involves development and implementation of analysis techniques for computed electron densities to better understand atoms and bonds in molecules as they change in reactions.

Yuming Zhao
PhD University of Alberta

Design and synthesis of redox-active pi-conjugated molecules and functionalized nanocarbon materials for application in advanced optoelectronic materials and devices.

Adjunct and Cross Appointed Faculty

Laleh Alisaraie
Assistant Professor
Dr. rer. nat.Universität Paderborn
Cross-appointed from the
School of Pharmacy

My current research interests focus on three broad areas: Computational structural biology, drug discovery, and designing nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems.

Mansour Almatarneh
Adjunct Professor
PhD Memorial University
Adjunct Professor from the
University of Jordan

Computational studies of reaction mechanisms and factors that influence selectivity in chemical reactions. We are interested in studying DNA damage and repair systems, spontaneous mutations, atmospheric chemistry, and MD simulations of a protein associated with psoriasis disease.

Joseph H. Banoub
PhD University de Montreal
Adjunct appointment from
Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Research Interests

Amila O. DeSilva
Research Scientist
PhD, University of Toronto
Cross-appointed from
Environment Canada

Analytical environmental chemistry, organic contaminants, perfluorinated chemicals. Innovative approaches to estimating bioaccumulation potential as well as matrix and sampling effects. Analytical method devolopment and environmental measurements of potentially harmful chemicals.

Stephanie MacQuarrie
Associate Professor
PhD Virginia Tech
Adjunct appointment from
Cape Breton University

The MacQuarrie group interests are in organically tailored heterogeneous materials from locally produced renewable biochar and ordered silicas for use in nanotechnology, materials science, and fine chemical synthesis.

Christopher C. Parrish
Research Professor
PhD, Dalhousie University
Cross-appointed from the
Ocean Science Centre

Research is at the intersection of chemistry and biology on aquatic lipids with an emphasis on nutritional and biomarker compounds in food webs and aquaculture.

Jason Pearson
Associate Professor
PhD Dalhousie University
Adjunct appointment from
University of Prince Edward Island

At the most fundamental level, our research focuses on understanding inter- and intra- molecular interactions and how they affect chemical properties and reactivity. To accomplish this we use and develop computational quantum chemical methodology.

Kristin M. Poduska
PhD Cornell University
Cross-appointed from the Dept. of Physics and Phys. Oceanography

Solid-state chemistry, electrochemical synthesis, archaeological science, magnetic materials, optoelectronic materials, biomaterials, vibrational spectroscopy, surface chemistry.

Celine M. Schneider
Assistant Professor
PhD Keele University
Adjunct appointment from C-CART

As a NMR Spectroscopist, I am actively involved in collaborative research requiring solution, solid or micro-imaging NMR, with an incline towards solid-state applied to materials

Cora J. Young
PhD University of Toronto
Guy Warwick Rogers Chair in Chemistry

Research in Cora Young's group examines many aspects of environmental chemistry. We use and develop state-of-the-science analytical techniques to characterize chemicals, their sources, and their fates in the environment.

Retired Faculty and Professors Emeriti

Robert W. Davis
Associate Professor
PhD University of British Columbia

Laurence (Laurie) K. Thompson
Professor Emeritus
PhD University of Manchester

William (Bill) D.Machin
Professor Emeritus 
Ph, Rensselaer

C. Robert (Bob) Lucas
Professor Emeritus
D.Phil. Oxford University

Niall J. Gogan
Professor Emeritus
PhD,= National University of Ireland


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