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This section lists the articles which have been published in The Morning Watch over the eight-year period, 1991-1999 (i.e., Vol. 19, Nos. 1-2 to Vol. 26, Nos. 3-4). 

Volume I

  • Implementing Change and Restructuring Schools
  • Miscellaneous

Volume II

  • Parent, Teacher, Student and Community Involvement
  • Curriculum and Instructional Development
  • Literacy
  • Miscellaneous

Volume III

  • Global Marketplace
  • Science Education
  • Classroom Discipline and Management
  • Motivation, Cognition and Achievement
  • Miscellaneous

Volume IV

  • Technology and Training
  • Rural/Adult Education
  • Teacher Education Initiatives
  • Research Perspectives
  • Miscellaneous

Volume I


How Principals Can Cope with Change in the Nineties
D. Downer

What the Legislature is Not To Do About Schools
K.S. Kim

The Elusive Concept of Efficiency in Education
J. Cooze

Predictions of Teacher Absenteeism:  Untying the Gordian Knot?
S. McGrath, J.W. Bulcock, & A. Ponder

What Now?  A Reflective Synthesis and a Challenge for the Future!
G.L. Parsons

The Quality of Student Life in the Faculty of Education The Undergraduate Case
J. Bulcock, L. Mendoza, R. Crane, & T. Lee

The Attitudes of Newfoundland High School Students:A Comparison of Two Denominational Schools
E. Mintz

Achieving Effective Conflict Management
D. Treslan

Faculty of Education's Preliminary Response  to Change and Challenge and Our Children/Our Future Reports
P. Canning

The Arguments for Non-Denominational Schools: A Critique
L. Brown

Equity and Efficiency in Educational Finance: An Operational Conundrum
S. McGrath

Raising the Standard for Admission to Memorial University:  A Critique of Wilson and the Task Force on Admissions Policy
W. Spain & G. Clark

Canadian Schooling:  A Report Card
J.W. Bulcock

Pursuing Total Quality Staff Development
R.L. Ryan

Faculty of Education Survey of Recent Graduates: Employment Opportunities, Current Positions, and Views on Preparation
E. Cluett, L. Klas, J. Netten & G. Clark

Implementing Change:  A Success Story
B. Sheppard

The Development of School-Based Management in the Edmonton Public School District
J. Delaney

Local Management of Schools? It's Not Simple!
R.L. Ryan

Equality of Educational Attainment in Newfoundland (1993)
J. Bulcock & R. Dawe

School Retention and the Cancellation of OACs
N. Hurley

Forecasting the Future Speculating on the Next 25 Years
T. Piper

Structural Change Combined With Training Can Deliver Effective Site-Based Management
L. Devereaux

Secondary and Tertiary School Constructions of English Studies in Atlantic Canada
B. Barrell

What's Worth Measuring? Teachers, Hard-to-Measure Outcomes, and Accountability
J. Brown & B. Sheppard

Where Are We Going On Pathways?
L. Younghusband

What are Learner-Centered Schools?
J. Delaney

Placement Testing and Remedial Mathematics for Post-Secondary Students: Prescriptions for Success?
C. Brown

The Nature of Student-Tutor Interactions: A Look Inside A Math Help Centre
J.G. McLoughlin


"Overstanding":  Understanding "Understanding" in the Classroom
G. Jeffery

Traveling with Terry
T. Piper

Book Review
J.W. Bulcock