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Vol. 42, Nos. 1-2.                ISSN 0384-50-28                   Fall 2014


In this issue:

Perspectives from the TESIC 2014 Summer Institute of Technology at Memorial University

Guest Editor: David Gill


Introduction: SITI (Summer Institute of Technology Integration) Articles

David Gill


Inclusive Education and the Twenty-First Century Learner: What Do We Need To Do?

Sonya Burden


Exceptional Students, Exceptional Technology
Charlene Reid


Implementing Technology within Universally Designed Literature Circles

Carole Mackenzie & Gabrielle Young


Strategies of Technology Integration

Jason Aue


Teaching with Digital Technologies in University and School Contexts: Research and Professional Development using TPACK

Roberta Hammett & Pamela Phillips


Cultural Connection Through PBL

Tom Kennedy


Actualizing Virtual Teaching

Special Feature
Nadeem Saqlain



Call for Papers for Special Issue of the Morning Watch

With a focus on Your Academic Journey
Editors: Sharon Penney and Gabrielle Young