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Vol. 42, Nos. 3-4.              ISSN 0384-50-28             Winter 2015


In this issue:

Your Academic Journey

Guest Editors: Dr. Sharon Penney and Dr. Gabrielle Young


Foreword: Your Academic Journey

Sharon Penney and Gabrielle Young


Reflections from Graduate Students

My Critical Incident Which Led me to Becoming a Researcher

Zanele Myles


Overcoming Personal Challenges That Have Impacted My Academic Journey: A Narrative
Lisa Weber


Be Passionate, Positive, and Persevere: My Research Journey as an International Graduate Student

Xiaolin Xu


PhD Shock: Typical Challenges Ph.D. Students Face

Bahar Haghighat


Through a Graduate Student's Eye: A Narrative Inquiry Surrounding the Graduate Student’s Academic Journey

Ahmad Khanlari


Teaching as a Ph.D. Student: Reflecting on My Own Experience

Cheng Li

Reflections from Faculty


A Constructivist Lens for Professional Learning

David Gill


Epiphanic Moments in the Search for Myself as an Educational Researcher

David Gill


Expanding on My Answers to the Interview Questions

Sylvia Moore



Heather McLeod


Our Academic Journeys as New Female University Administrators

Laurie-Ann M. Hellsten, Lynn Lemisko


The Dual Challenges of Academia: Teaching and Research

Ken Stevens