EDGE Graduate Professional Development Certificate

The EDGE Graduate Professional Skills Certificate program is designed to acknowledge the professional skills and competencies you have developed as a graduate student. There is no cost to participate, and you can complete the certificate requirements at your own pace, either through synchronous or asynchronous components.


To earn the EDGE Graduate Professional Skills Certificate, one must complete the following requirements within one year:

• An Individual Development Plan (IDP): Graduate students will have participated in or viewed a recording of the “Creating Your Individual Development Plan (IDP)” workshop offered every semester, and completed this IDP form describing your unique professional goals and action plan to achieve these goals (approximately 3 hours).

• Six EDGE workshops: Graduate students will have participated in or viewed at least six EDGE workshops, including at least two from each of the skills and competencies areas of learning and research, management and responsibility, and communication and teamwork (approximately 6 hours).

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) workshop and unconscious bias training: Graduate students will have participated in or viewed a recording of the SGS EDI workshop offered in both the Fall and Winter semesters, and completed the Unconscious Bias Training Module offered by the Government of Canada (approximately 2 hours).

• Sexual Harassment Education Training: Graduate students will have participated in or viewed a recording of the Memorial University Sexual Harassment Education Seminar (approximately 30 minutes).

• Experiential learning: At least 6 hours of experiential learning that allow you to focus on developing and applying skills and knowledge of importance to you. Acceptable experiential learning opportunities include completion of an applied research project, completion of Memorial’s ETP program and involvement in new venture creation, completion of at least six hours of volunteer work, and completion of an internship, work term or practicum required for your program, a creative performance or production, or fieldwork connected to your research.

Skills and Competencies

The EDGE Professional Skills Certificate program is designed to foster broad skills and competencies that are both meaningful to you and understood to be critical for success in the knowledge economy (COU, 2011). They are qualities Memorial expects of all graduates under our University’s Teaching and Learning Framework (MUN, 2014) and aligned with the employability skills identified by the Conference Board of Canada (2016) as being vital in today’s world of work. Adapting Travis’ (1972) wellness continuum model, EDGE’s resources and workshops are intended to build awareness of, enable practice in, and foster expertise with these collaborative skills and competencies.

Time Expectations

A total of 17.5 hours will normally be required to complete the Certificate program, including approximately 3 hours to participate in the IDP workshop and complete the IDP form, approximately 6 hours to participate in six EDGE workshops, approximately 2 hours to participate in the EDI workshop and unconscious bias training, approximately 30 minutes to participate in the sexual harassment education seminar, and 6 hours of experiential learning.


The certificate will be awarded to you through the MUN Graduate Commons shell in Brightspace after you have fulfilled all certificate requirements and submitted the formal completion form.


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