Teaching and Learning Funding Framework

The Teaching and Learning Framework (TLF) Funding competition encourages the exploration of creative and innovative practices in teaching and learning on the St. John's campus. It provides funding to support short-term pilot projects and proof of concept type initiatives.

2016-2017 Funded Projects in the Faculty of Science

TITLE: CONNECT! High-Fidelity Virtual Music Rehearsals with the Click of a Button
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Yuanzhu Chen (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANTS: Jason Caslor (School of Music); Richard Blenkinsopp (School of Music); Vernon Regehr (School of Music); Ali Alfosool (Faculty of Science); Kerri MacPhee (School of Music)

TITLE: Enhancement of the Chemistry Undergraduate (UG) Program through the Addition of a Bench Top Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Instrument
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Michael Katz (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANTS: Graham Bodwell (Faculty of Science); Travis Fridgen (Faculty of Science); Christopher Rowley (Faculty of Science); Francesca Kerton (Faculty of Science); Cliff McCarthy (Faculty of Science); Nick Ryan (Faculty of Science); Cora Young (Faculty of Science); Mason Lawrence (Faculty of Science)

TITLE: Impact of QR-Based In-Class Assignments on Student Engagement and Retention
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Richard Goulding (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANT: Anna M. Harlick (Faculty of Science)

TITLE: Mobilizing Knowledge on the Trails: Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning in the Environment
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Lisa Russell (Student Life)
CO-APPLICANTS: Rodolphe Devillers (Faculty of Science); Yuanzhu Chen (Faculty of Science); Maria Mayr (Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences); Dan Duda (QEII Library Map Room); Randy Murphy (East Coast Trail Association); Terry Bishop-Stirling (Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences); Shannon Lewis-Simpson (Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences); David Mercer (QEII Map Room)

TITLE: Online Assignments in First Year Mathematics Courses
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Danny Dyer (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANTS: John Craighead (Mathematics & Statistics); Chris Callahan (Mathematics and Statistics/School of Maritime Studies); Rebecca Milley (Math, Grenfell Campus); Tara Stuckless (Mathematics and Statistics); Pam Philips (CITL)

TITLE: Open Personalized Learning Resources for Introductory Biology
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Anna Rissanen (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANTS: Jane Costello (CITL); Sally Goddard (Faculty of Science); Margaret Caldwell (Faculty of Science); Piotr Trela (Faculty of Science)

TITLE: Studying the Feasibility and Implementation of a “Semester in Dialogue” at Memorial University
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Mike Clair (Harris Centre)
CO-APPLICANTS: Mark Abrahams (Faulty of Science); Lisa Browne (Stella’s Circle); Dan Meades (Transition House Association of NL); Andrea Rose (Faculty of Education) Taylor Stocks (Harris Centre)

2015-2016 Funded Projects in the Faculty of Science

TITLE: Development of Interactive Texts to Assist Learning in Undergraduate Mathematics
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Margo Kondratieva (Faculty of Education)

TITLE: Fostering Engagement in Teaching and Learning Through Discipline Specific Embedded Teaching Support
CO-APPLICANTS: Lynne Phillips (Faculty of Arts); Aimee Surprenant (Faculty of Science)

TITLE: Graduate Program in Mathematics Teaching
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Danny Dyer (Faculty of Science)
CO-APPLICANTS: Eduardo Martinez-Pedroza (Faculty of Science); John Hoben (DELTS)

TITLE: Learning Module Pilot on Academic Integrity for All First Year Students
PRINCIPAL APPLICANT: Victoria Greey (Office of the Registrar)
CO-APPLICANTS: Asan Mohideen (Graduate Student Union); Beth Ryan (Faculty of Arts); Carla Dillon (School of Pharmacy); Christine Molloy (Academic and Student Affairs); Crystal Rose (Grenfell and Harlow Campus); Echo Pittman (Academic Advising); Jennifer Porter (Office of the Registrar); Katherine Gallagher (Faculty of Business Administration); Katherine Side (School of Graduate Studies); Leah Robertson (MUNSU); Lorna Adcock (Health Sciences Library); Peter Trnka (Faculty of Arts); Ruth Hickey (DELTS); Travis Fridgen (Faculty of Science)


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