Dr. Alison Leitch

Potential Fields and Structural Study of the Howley Basin

Student: Linden Ernst         Co-investigator: Tom Calon

The Howley Basin in western Newfoundland is a potential source of hydrocarbons. The field part of this study involved extensive field mapping of surficial structure; gravity and RTK surveying over land and ice; and a GPR bathymetric survey of Sandy Lake. Pre-existing magnetics and gravity data was incorporated into the processing to produce a model of the depth and structure of the Howley Basin and its hydrocarbon potential.


MSc: Linden Ernst (2018 submitted) “Gravity Surveying, Potential-field Modeling, and Structural Mapping and Analysis of the Howley Basin, western Newfoundland” (co-supervised by T. Calon)

Ernst, L., Leitch, A. and Calon, T., “Potential Field and Structural Analysis of the Howley Basin, Western Newfoundland”, GAC MAC Annual Meeting, Whitehorse, Jun 1-3, 2016.

Ernst, L., Calon, T., Leitch, A.M., “Revisiting structure and gravity of the Howley Basin”, GAC MAC Annual Meeting, Fredericton, NB, May 21-23, 2014.


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