Dr. Alison Leitch

Analog Experiments in Magma Mingling

Student: Kriselle Dias

New influxes of magma preferentially intrude fluid, crystal-poor regions of magma chambers. The input magma may have different composition and rheology to the host. We investigated the effects of density, viscosity and crystallinity contrasts on the interaction of host and input using aqueous analog materials in a dm-scale glass tank. Salts were used to control density, cellulose to change viscosity, and plastic and glass beads to simulate crystallinity. Many different behaviours were observed.


BSc Hons: Kriselle Dias (2015) “Laboratory modelling of magma mingling”

Dias, K. and Leitch, A.M., “Laboratory Modelling of Magma Mingling”, AGS Annual Meeting, Sackville, NB, Jan 30-Feb 2, 2015. *(Best undergraduate poster award.)

Dias, K. and Leitch, A.M. “Laboratory Models of Magma Mingling” (in prep for Atlantic Geology).


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