Dr. Alison Leitch

GPR and Coring of Lake Sediments

Student: Jianguang Chen Co-investigator: Elliott Burden

GPR surveying of a km-scale post-glacial lake over a gold prospect revealed intriguing layering within the soft sediments. Long cores of the sediments were collected and physical and chemical properties of the muds were measured in the laboratory to find the cause of the GPR reflections and investigate chemical variability of the muds in time and space.


MSc: Jianguang Chen (2018) “Ground Penetrating Radar Surveying and Sediment Coring Analysis of a Post-Glacial Lake, Eastern Newfoundland” (co-supervised by E. Burden)

Chen, J., Leitch, A. and Rashid, H., “Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Investigate Lacustrine Sediments for Paleoclimatic Reconstruction”, Canadian Quaternary Association Conference, St John’s, NL, 16-18 August, 2015.

Chen, J., Leitch, A. and Burden, E., “Sediment core analysis of a post-glacial lake over a mineral prospect, Eastern Newfoundland”, NL GAC Annual Spring Meeting, St John’s NL, Feb 19-20, 2018.

Chen, J., Leitch, A., Burden, E. and Finch, C. “Lake sediment core analysis over a gold prospect, Eastern Newfoundland”, 9th PDAC-SEG Student Minerals Colloquium, March 3-7, 2018.* (3rd place, MSc student posters.)


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