Dr. Alison Leitch

Multiple Mush Magmas of the Fogo Batholith

Student: Ben Graham           Co-investigator: Greg Dunning

Fogo Island, the largest island off Newfoundland, is underlain by a Silurian-Devonian batholith which is gabbroic in the south and granitic in the north. In Wild Cove East there are mingled intermediate rocks exposed along the coastline. This combined field, petrographic and geochemical study examined the mingling on multiple scales to elucidate the dynamic history of the rocks. A drone imagery survey helped to produce a base map.


MSc: Ben Graham (2017) “A field and laboratory study of magma chamber processes in the development of a plutonic suite on Fogo Island, Newfoundland” (co-supervised by G. Dunning).

Graham, B., Dunning, G. and Leitch, A., “Early Devonian Magmatism, NE Dunnage Zone, Newfoundland and the nature of basaltic to granitic additions to large magma chambers”, AGS Annual Meeting, Truro NS, 2018.

Graham, B., Leitch, A. and Dunning, G., “Mingling of magma mushes”, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 2016.

Graham, B., Leitch, A. and Dunning, G., “Mingling of crystal-rich magmas in the Fogo Island Batholith”, NL GAC Annual Spring Meeting, St John’s NL, 2016.

Graham, B., Leitch, A. and Dunning, G., “Magma Mushes of the Fogo Island Batholith” (in prep for the Journal of Petrology).


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