Dr. Aprhodite Indares - Research

Highlights on recent research

My research program aims to develop a better understanding of the evolution of crust in the core zones of  large orogens.

This involves investigations of:

-           earlier features that may have influences the development of an orogen

-          crustal reworking by high temperature processes during orogenesis.

In addition I am interested in partial melting and high-T metamorphic processes in general  

Research on the hinterland of the central Grenville Province

Why the Grenville?

  • The Mesoproterozoic Grenville Province is comparable to the modern Himalaya-Tibet system and was developed on the long lived Andean style margin of Laurentia.
    • it provides a record of (a) crustal formation processes in active margins; (b) crustal evolution in a continental collision setting; and (c) orogenic processes in middle to lower crust, which is not accessible in modern analogues.

Recent and current work in the central Grenville is on:

  • the evolution of the Laurentian margin between 1.4 and  1.1 Ga
  • protolith identification and settings of formation of recently discovered volcanic sequences, metamorphosed under granulite facies conditions during the Grenvillian orogeny.











Snapshots of a bimodal felsic mafic sequence from the southern Manicouagan area, central Grenville Province

  • metamorphic diversity across the hinterland, P–T paths and tectonic implications

Partial melting and P–T record of granulite-facies rocks

Recent and current work involves investigations of high-T metamorphic rocks in diverse tectonic settings as for instance:

-          high-P and mid-P segments of the central Grenville

-          high-P and mid-P segments of the Himalayas

-          a high-P–T metamorphic sole of an ophiolite from central Greece

-          a polymetamorphic UHT aureole of the Nain plutonic suite in Labrador

In this research we take advantage of new imaging techniques and advances in phase equilibria modeling (using THERMOCALC) for integrated interpretations of microstructures and mineral chemistry in terms of P-T paths.

Examples of SEM-MLA maps of polished thin sections


 Nodular aluminous gneiss from the central Grenville (provided by M. Hindemith, MSC in progress)


Pink Grt   Orange Rt   Orange Bt  Yellow Sil   Green Spl  
Shades of Grey:  Light Qtz  Medium Kfs  Dark Pl

Aluminous paragneiss from the eastern Himalayas


Examples of former melt- textures in anatectic aluminous rocks 

(provided by S. Lasalle, PhD in progress)





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