Conference Proceedings

Selected conferences  (since 2008)

INDARES A (2013). Metamorphism of high-P and mid-P anatectic aluminous gneisses. Metamorphic Geology Field Symposium in Halland, Sweden.

Hindemith M, INDARES, A (1013). The petrographic and geochemical study of hydrothermally altered metavolcanics, metamorphosed at granulite-facies conditions from the Canyon domain in the central Grenville Province of Quebec, Canada. GAC-MAC Annual Meeting, Winnipeg,  Abstract v. 36, p.113.

Maity B,  INDARES A (2013). Metamorphic textures of mafic granulites from two contrasting pressure domains in central Grenville Province. Granulites & Granulites 2013, Hyderabad, India,  Abstract vol.p.45.

Mitchell R, Mason R, INDARES A, Wirth R (2013).  Static UHT metamorphism and partial melting in the mid-crust: A SEM and TEM study of melt-related metamorphic reaction textures at the micro- to nano-scale.  GSA Annual Meeting, Denver, Co, US.

Lasalle S, INDARES A, Fisher CM, Dunning G (2013). Anatectic aluminous gneisses from the mid-P segment of the central Grenville Province: petrography, P-T evolution and monazite U-Pb ages", GSA Annual Meeting, Denver, Co, US.

INDARES A,Moukhsil A,Lasalle S, Dunning G(2012). 1.2 Ga crustal extension in the central Grenville Province.  GAC-MAC Annual Meeting, St John’s, Abstract v. 35, p.61.

Lasalle S, Fisher C, Dunning G, INDARES A (2012). Distinguishing metapelites from hydrothermally altered metavolcanic rocks in granulite facies belts: a zircon study from the Grenville Province. GAC–MAC Annual Meeting, St John’s, Abstract v. 35, p.75.

Mitchell R,Mason R, Wirth R, INDARES A, Ryan B (2012).Textural evidence for melt at the nano-scale: transmission electron microscopy of poly-anatectic, metapelitic contact aureoles, northern Labrador. GAC-MAC Annual Meeting,  St John’s, Abstract v.35, p.93–94.

Mitchell R,INDARES A,Ryan B (2011). High to ultra-high temperature contact metamorphism and dry partial melting of the Tasiuyak paragneiss, Northern Labrador.  XVIII Meeting of the Petrology Group of the Mineralogical Society of Poland on Migmatites - Bukowina TatrzaÅ„ska, Poland.

INDARES A (2010).  Séquences supracrustales d’origine volcanique dans la partie centrale de la Province de Grenville, au sud de Manicouagan : critères d’identification, caractéristiques, âges et implications. Québec Exploration  2010, Abstract v. p.23.

Mitchell R, INDARES A,Ryan B(2010).  Polymetamorphism of the Granulite-faciesTasiuyak Paragneiss, Northern Labrador: Evidence for UHT Partial Melting during Contact Metamorphism. GSA Annual Meeting  - Denver, Co, USA

Guilmette C, INDARES A, Hébert R (2009). Textural evidence for partial melting in kyanite-bearing metapelites from the Namche Barwa massif, Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis, Tibet. 2ndGranulites & Granulites conference, Czech Republic,Abstract v.  p.23-34.

Guilmette C, INDARES A, Hébert R (2009). Phase equilibria modelling of kyanite bearing anatectic metapelites from the Namche Barwa massif, Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis, Tibet. Granulites & Granulites, Czech Republic, Abstract v. p.24-25.

Guilmette C, INDARES A, Hébert R, Wang CS (2008). Kyanite-bearing anatectic metapelites from the Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis, Eastern Tibet, China : textural evidence for partial melting and phase equilibria modeling. The 23rd Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet workshop, Leh, India; Himalayan Journal of Sciences, vol. 5, Special issue 7, p. 56

INDARES A, Dunning G (2008). Lateral variations in the Grenville and new insights on the nature of the hinterland along the Manicouagan-Baie Comeau transect. GAC-MAC Quebec, Abstract v 33,  p.77

INDARES A, White RW, Powell R (2008). Phase equilibria modeling of kyanite-bearing anatectic paragneisses: examples from the Grenville province. GAC-MAC Quebec, Abstract v. 33, p.77.

Guilmette C, INDARES A, Hébert R, Wang CS (2008). Textural evidence for partial melting of kyanite-bearing paragneisses from the eastern Himalayan syntaxis. GAC-MAC Quebec, Abstract v. 33, p.67

Valverde Cardenas C, INDARES A, Jenner G (2008). Late tectonic ultrapotassic dykes from the hinter-land of the central Grenville, south of Manicouagan. GAC-MAC Quebec, Abstract v. 33, p. 175.


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