Oscar Eli Vasquez

Room Number:  ER4025
Email:  oevasquez@mun.ca

Thesis Title:  Seismic data processing and interpretation of the Howley Basin, Howley, Newfoundland

Supervisor:  Dr. Charles Hurich

Research Interests:

Previous Research:

Improvement of UXO classification by development of a prototype EM imaging system that utilizes cooperative sources during data acquisition, and applies Pode-LaPlace formulas and neural networks for data processing.

I have also done research on acquifer performance and capacity during bulk CO2 injection for carbon sequestration purposes. 


Akinnikawe O., Chaudhary A., Vasquez O., Enih C., Eblig-Economides C A., "Increasing CO2 Storage Efficiency Through a CO2/Brine-Displacement Approach" SPE Journal. 18.4 (2013): 743-751


Texas A&M Geology and Geophysics Research Symposium, 2012, College Station, TX  Poster title:  Improvment of UXO classification by development of prototype co-operative sources EMI sensor system




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