Mehrdad Darijani

Office: ER-4038
Phone: +1 (709) 771-6757

B.Sc. in Physics, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran.
M.Sc. in Geophysics, University of Tehran, Iran.

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Joint inversion of electromagnetic and gravity data for overburden stripping

Supervisor: Dr. Colin Farquharson

Current Research Project:

The title for my geophysical Ph.D. research project is "Joint inversion of electromagnetic and gravity data for overburden stripping". The idea is to use electromagnetic (EM) data to assess the depth of overburden, which has a relatively high electrical conductivity compared to the rocks immediately beneath. Once the thickness of the overburden has been determined, the contribution of the overburden to gravity measurements can be accounted for and then the gravity data used to look for density anomalies in the sedimentary and basement rocks. The particular context for this is prospecting for uranium in the Athabasca basin in central Canada. This project is a part of a big project which it involves more than 70 collaborators from 24 universities and at least 23 industry partners with exploration interests across Canada, resulting in a level of collaboration between industry and academia not previously seen in mineral deposits research in Canada.

Research Interests:

Inverse Theory, Forward Modeling, Numerical Methods, Electromagnetic Geophysics, Magnetic and Gravity.

Academic Activities:

The Advisor of M.Sc. Theses at University of Tehran and Kerman Graduate University of Advanced Technology in Iran, 2012-2013.

Teaching course in advanced geophysics (Magnetic modeling) to mining exploration companies in Iran, 2012.


Oskooi, B., Darijani, M., Mirzaiee, M., 2013. Investigation of the electrical resistivity and geological structures on the hot springs in Markazi province of Iran using magnetotelluric method. Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica e Applicata.
Oskooi, B., Darijani, M., 2013. 2D inversion of the magnetotelluric data from Mahalat geothermal field in Iran using finite element approach. Arabian Journal of Geosciences (Springer).

Oskooi, B., Darijani, M., 2012. 2D modeling and inversion of magnetic data of Shahmirzad region located on Semnan province in Iran for depth and shape determination of iron-ore. Iranian Journal of Geophysics.

Shahmirzae, M., Darijani*, M., Two-dimensional geomagnetic forward modeling using finite element method and the investigation of the topographic effect. Submitted to Journal of Applied Geophysics (Elsevier).


Mohammadzadeh, M., Darijani, M., 2012. Applications of Magnetic Methods in Hydrocarbon Exploration. 3rd National Congress of Iranian Oil Engineering.

Mohammadzadeh, M., Darijani, M., Mirzaei, M., Oskooi, B., 2012. Studying of the geothermal structure of Mahalat hot springs in Iran using the 3D inversion of magnetic data. 4th Iranian National Conference of Economical Geology.

Darijani, M., Fereidooni, M., Oskooi, B., 2012. Joint Inversion of Magnetotelluric and Seismic Data for the Exploration of the Geological Structures. 31th Iranian Earth Science Conference.


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