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Karin Thomeier

Email: karint @ mun.ca
Telephone: 709-864-8585

Student Staff - Fall 2019

 Here is a list of the monitors who work here at the Digital Learning Centre! Their job is to answer any questions you might have while here at the centre, as well as conduct some of your conversation classes. Monitors are listed alphabetically by first name. 

Andrew David (French)

Email:  aed761@mun.ca

Studying: Biology (Major) and French (Minor)

Interests: The outdoors, volleyball and hockey

Resource Recommendations/Advice: Highly recommend the phone app "Duolingo" for interactive learning that doesn't require more than 10 minutes a day.

Aria Rubinoff (French)

Email: arr576@mun.ca

Studying: Linguistics (Major), French (Minor)

Interests: Reading, cooking, illustration, video games, learning languages

Resource Recommendations/ Advice: Sing along to songs you like in your target language and have fun with it. Invest in a physical verb conjugation dictionary, the thinner the better -- it'll help you pick up on patterns and similarities in form between verbs!

Coline Tisserand (French)

Email: ctisserand@mun.ca

Studying: Bachelor of Education, English and French

Interests: Outdoor sports (kayak, hiking, climbing), reading, playing music

Recommendations/Advice: Listen to french music, watch some french movies, be curious about French!!

Emma Thompson (French)

Email: emthompson@mun.ca

Studying: Psychology (Major) Biology & Spanish (Minors)

Interests: Coaching, Learning, Exercising, Coffee, Sewing and Languages

Recommendations/Advice: Why do you want to learn a new language? Use your answer to this question as a constant motivator throughout your language learning journey. Ask multiple questions, seek immersive experiences, join language clubs and societies and consistently challenge yourself. The more you know, the more you can help and connect with others.

Kelly Hellec (French)

Email: khellec@mun.ca

Studying: Linguistics (Major), Psychology (Minor)

Interests: Language acquisition, psychology, self-development, sports, travels

Recommendations/Advice: DLC resource are great to improve your French language, and also don't hesitate to look French TV show and movies to improve your understanding of the language. If something interests you in particular try to find articles or videos online about it and learn some vocabulary to help you to understand. It will help you a lot. I did that myself to learn English and it works well.

Girl on a beach

Lorena Resendiz H. (Spanish)

E-mail: lresendizher@mun.ca

Studying: Linguistics (Major), Gender Studies (Minor)

Interests: Animals, outdoors, reading, coffee and languages.

Resource Recommendations/ Advise: Make friends with native speakers of the language you are interested; they will give you another perspective of the culture giving you a better experience, besides helping you with pronunciation and grammar.

Mary Deekshaa Sookooloo (French)

Email: mdsookooloo@mun.ca

Studying: Molecular and Cellular Biology & French for Francophones (Joint Major)

Recommendations/Advice: The website Français Facile, YouTube and Duolingo. The best way to learn a language is to practice as much as you can with the resources you have been given.

Liudmila "Mila" Strelnikova (Russian)

Email: lsyurievna@mun.ca

Studying: Chemistry (Major)

Interests: Science, Technology, Photography, Cinematography

Recommendations/Advice: Russian can blow your mind...luckily, you, guys, have DLC -one the best places to prevent it from happening! So come and do not be afraid to ask questions!)

Picture of Robyn Parsons

Robyn Parsons (French)

Email: rjjparsons@mun.ca

Studying: English and French (Double Major)

Interests: Baking, Reading, Drawing

Resource Recommendations/Advice: Use all resources that are available! Take the time to practice what ever language you’re learning by listening to music in that language, or watching movies with subtitles, all the little things add up!

Solishinee Chuttoorgoon (French)

Email: schuttoorgoo@mun.ca

Studying: Sociology (Major), French for Francophones (Minor)

Interests: Travel, Self-Development

Recommendations/Advice: Read a lot, even though it might seem hard, that's what develops the vocabulary.  Do not hesitate to speak in french, it's alright to make mistakes, that's how we learn.  Most importantly, learn to love french!  Once you develop a liking for it, it will become much more enjoyable and the acquisition of the language will be improved.


Xavier Quintilla Piñol (French/Spanish)

Email: xq1747@mun.ca

Studying: Double Major- French and Communication Studies, English (Minor).

Interests: Travelling, soccer, reading, hiking.

Recommendations/Advice: There is no finish line when it comes to language learning. We are constantly acquiring new language. Learning a language is always tough, but is a great cultural and professional investment.

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