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Karin Thomeier

Email: karint @ mun.ca
Telephone: 709-864-8585

Student Staff - Fall 2017

 Here is a list of the monitors who work here at the Digital Learning Centre! Their job is to answer any questions you might have while here at the centre, as well as conduct some of your conversation classes. Monitors are listed alphabetically. 

Andrew David (French)

Email:  aed761@mun.ca 
Studying: Biology major and french minor
Interests: The outdoors, volleyball and hockey

Resource Recommendations/Advice: Highly recommend the phone app "Duolingo" for interactive learning that doesn't require more than 10 minutes a day

Aria Rubinoff (French)

Email: aria.rubinoff@mun.ca

Studying: Linguistics (major), French (minor)

Interests: Reading, cooking, illustration, video games, learning languages

Resource Recommendations/ Advice: Sing along to songs you like in your target language and have fun with it. Invest in a physical verb conjugation dictionary, the thinner the better -- it'll help you pick up on patterns and similarities in form between verbs! If you use online translators (Linguee is a good tool for individual words/expressions!) to find a word in another language try to verify it in at least 2 dictionaries to make sure it's the right word and fits the situation.

Corrina Chisholm (French)

Email:cec413 @ mun.ca
Studying: French to become a teacher
Interests: Riding horses, reading, travelling

Recommendations/Advice: If possible you should definitely go on an exchange! Stay up to date with your work and come visit in the DLC if you ever need help! :)

Daniel Dunn (French and Spanish)

Email: ddunn@mun.ca

Studying: Linguistics Major and French Minor

Resource Recommendations/Advice: If you’re really serious about learning a language, make the investment and go away and immerse yourself. You’ll be amazed with how much your language skills improve.

Danielle Fanning (German)

Email: df6676@mun.ca
Studying: Majors: Linguistics and German, Minor: Religious Studies
Interests: Animals, Nature, Hiking, Ballet, Learning Languages
Resource Recommendations/Advice: Duolingo is a fun and helpful site. Study things like vocab with a friend or family member. Writing out vocabulary always helps me.

Kaitlyn Little (French)

Email: kmel16@mun.ca
Studying: Double Major History and French

Interests: French Culture and History

Resource Recommendations/Advice:Study regularly using sites like conjuguemos and lepointdufle. Do the exercises in your textbook and attend conversation classes. Most of all, find a French topic that interests you and motivates you to study!

Markus Riener (German)

Email: mgr508@mun.ca
Studying: Geology
Interests: Snowboarding, motorcycles, outdoor activities.

Resource Recommendations/Advice: Speak speak speak. #conversationclass. Since German is often irregular, the best advice for learning it, is to confront yourself with the language as much as possible: read books, watch your tv shows and movies in German and of course go to speaking classes, hang out with native speakers or even go abroad.

Sarah Loo (French)

Email: sslloochinmo @ mun.ca
Studying: Communication
Interests: I am passionate about planning events.

Resource Recommendations/Advice: Practice as much as you can and learn to love the language. Do not give up and persevere.

Sayi'Mone Tati Padou (French)

Email: msmtp4@mun.ca
Studying: Biochemistry (major) and Spanish (minor)
Interests: Cooking, CSI movies, debates, reading

Resource Recommendations/Advice: Don't miss an occasion to practice the language. Don't be afraid to make errors, and use a good dictionary.

Susan Alteen (French)

Email: saa0384@mun.ca
Studying:Majors in French and Psychology, minor in geography.

Resource Recommendations/Advice: Bon Patron grammer correcting

Véronique Babineau (French)

Email: vrb613@mun.ca
Studying: Education
Interest: teaching, staying active, being happy
Resource Recommendation/ Advice: Ask for help as soon as you need it. Do not wait till the last minute, no time like the present. Come to conversation class!

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