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Dr. Wanda Aylward

Research Laboratory AssociateWanda Aylward

Phone: 709-864-3076 / Lab:x6105

Office: ER5015

Lab: ER5006


The XRD is located on the 5th floor of the Earth Sciences Building, ER 5005.

All requests for XRD must be submitted to the lab manager, Dr. Wanda Aylward, along with sample submission forms clearly indicating the nature of the samples. As this is an x-ray emitting device, all samples are to be submitted to Wanda for analysis. Only users who have completed MUN’s x-ray radiation safety course  and who have government issued dosimeters shall be permitted to operate the XRD themselves. Please contact the University Radiation Safety Officer for further information.

Users will receive their raw data in .txt format by email. Anyone wishing to use the workstation in the facility to search our digital databases, compare and overlay plots, perform Whole Pattern Fitting, etc. should contact Wanda for training. Any processed data should be uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox upon completion.

All visitors to the lab, including those using the processing software, are required to sign the lab login book and use the Area Dosimeter.

New users must fill out a registration form that is to be signed by their supervisors.

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