Materials Characterization

Ambios Qscope Nomad 250 Atomic Force Microscope (Currently not available)

  • Max 40 μm 2 area
  • Contact and non-contact modes
  • ScanAtomic SPM Control Software, v. 4.05.08

Cary 6000i UV-vis-NIR spectrophotometer

  • 175 nm to 1800 nm
  • Diffuse Reflectance Array accessory
  • Cary WinUV software, version 3.0

Mettler-Toledo DSC1 Differential Scanning Calorimeter

  • For measuring phase changes in solids or liquids
  • Temperatures: -70°C to 550°C 
  • Heating rates: 0.02-300K/min, cooling rate: 0.02-50K/min
  • Isothermal, dynamic and TOPEM experiments
  • STARe Excellence software, version 9.20

PerkinElmer Spectrum Two N FT-NIR spectrometer

  • InGaAs detector enables to collect data over a total range of 10,000 to 4,000 cm-1
  • The Near Infrared Reflectance Module (NIRM) with sample spinner allows for collecting diffuse reflectance spectra of solids, granules, pastes, powders and turbid liquids
  • Heatable Transmission Module allows for easy elevated temperature measurements on samples
  • PerkinElmer Spectrum IR Version 10 software

Bruker Tensor 27 FT-IR (Currently not available)

  • Spectral range: 7500 to 370 cm-1
  • ZnSe MIRacle ATR allows for direct analysis of solids, liquids and powders
  • Opus software, version 4.0

TA Instruments Q500 TGA

  • Mass resolution: 0.1 μg (accuracy ≤ ±0.1%)
  • Temperature range: ambient to 1000°C
  • Heating rates: 0.1°C/min to 100°C/min
  • MTGA and HiRes experiments available
  • Gases: Air and USP Nitrogen
  • Thermal Advantage Software, release 5.2.6





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