Information for student workers (including co-op)

Questions with an asterisk (*) are new or recently updated. 

Can students on out-of-province work terms return home immediately without academic prejudice? 

At this time Newfoundland and Labrador Public Health are not requiring those travelling in other Canadian provinces to return to their home province. If you are working outside of Newfoundland and Labrador and wish to end your Winter 2020 work term early, please contact your coordinator to discuss next steps and impact. Updated 2 p.m., March 16.

My winter 2020 work term is ending prematurely due to COVID-19. What does this mean for me academically?

Please contact the Co-op office to discuss next steps. Co-op students will not be academically penalized for premature work term terminations that are out of their control.

I am an international student who is currently outside of Canada on a work term in my home country. Should I stay at home or try to return to Canada in time for the spring 2020 semester?

Follow the travel advisories for your country. If you are unable to travel to Canada before the start of the next semester, contact for guidance.

*Despite the university’s restriction on travel, I have assessed the risk and still want to travel out of province for my spring 2020 work term. What are the implications?

All university related travel (including international, outside the province and to Labrador) has been suspended until further notice, this includes relocation for co-operative education work term and internships. Questions around your out of province spring 2020 work term while restrictions remain in place should be discussed directly with your coordinator/co-op office. Updated March 18.

I have confirmed an out-of-province work term for spring 2020. Will I still be able to start this work term on time?

All university related travel (including international, outside the province and to Labrador) has been suspended until further notice, this includes relocation for co-operative education work terms and internships. Students should keep open communication with their employers and the co-op office to explore options to work remotely while restrictions are ongoing. Specific questions related to your out-of-province spring work term should be discussed directly with your coordinator/co-op office. Updated March 18.

*I am from another province and have been advised by Memorial University to return home. Can I search for a work term my province (new question)

Students who are returning to their home province should discuss their situation with the co-op office.

Would it be possible to start my work term remotely should the travel restrictions continue into the spring 2020 semester?

Discuss this option with your employer and your co-op office.

I have signed a contract with my work term employer for my spring 2020 work placement. Can I withdraw my acceptance of an employer’s offer if I am unable to travel or feel nervous about travel?

Seek advice from your co-op office. Travel is currently suspended and the co-op offices are working on options for students.

If my out-of-province work term is postponed or cancelled and I cannot find a local work term, how will this impact me academically?

The co-op offices are working on alternative options for all impacted students. Seek advice from your co-op coordinator.

I have interviews scheduled for a work term outside of the province for the spring 2020 semester. Should I continue to attend these interviews?

Attend scheduled interviews if you are able to without travelling. During your interviews, ask the employer what will happen to the position as travel advisories or social distancing policies impact the work place.

Should I continue to apply for work term positions outside of the province?

Continue to apply for any positions you are interested in, keeping in mind that travel restrictions are changing daily. If you are offered a position outside of the province, discuss the offer with your co-op office.

I am an international student and I have been offered a work placement outside of Canada in my home country for spring 2020. There are no travel restrictions in my home country. Can I accept this work placement?

First, check with your co-op office for overall guidance on Memorial regulations on accepting work terms abroad at this time. An official global travel advisory is in effect: Avoid non-essential travel outside Canada until further notice. This may have an impact on your insurance and your ability to return to Canada as well.

If you intend to make an international trip for personal reasons (ie, to return to your home country, etc) you are advised to research and make your own decisions around what happens if your destination country or transit countries suspend international flights or shut down completely. Note that many countries are now implementing self-quarantine or self-monitoring for all new international arrivals:

Do your research to ensure coverage by both trip insurance and emergency health insurance. Call policy providers with your specific questions. Listen carefully, ask questions and write down the answers. Make sure you thoroughly understand. If you need to talk through your decision, you can speak to an advisor at the international office on your campus.

*I have a MUCEP/ISWEP/SWASP/GradSWEP. Do I still come on campus to do my hours? Will I get paid?

If you are participating in MUCEP, ISWEP, SWASP, GradSWEP or are a student assistant you should no longer come to campus to complete your work as off end of day Tuesday, March 17.

MUCEP/ISWEP/GradSWEP students will be paid for all hours remaining. SWASP students will get their tuition voucher. Updated March 19.

I work as a student assistant or a tutor on campus. Do I come into work?

Please reach out to your supervisor to discuss. 



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