Information for graduate students

Questions with an asterisk (*) are new or recently updated

Will graduate admissions continue to take place?

Yes, we will continue to process and make decisions on graduate applications. Detailed application instructions can be found on the Become a Graduate Student website. Please expect some delays in application and document processing, and review and decisions.

*How can I submit supporting documents for a graduate application?

If you are a graduate applicant whose current or previous university is closed as a result of COVID-19 and unable to access transcripts or academic credentials at this time, please email unofficial copies of your supporting documents with your MUN student number to If you are unable to take a standardized test (e.g., IELTS) required for your application because testing centres are closed due to COVID-19, your application may still be considered without those documents.

The following standardized tests are now being offered through home-based online testing:

  • TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition test
  • GRE® General Test
  • The GMAT™ Online Exam

Updated April 17, 8 a.m.

Will I have access to professional skills development workshops and programs?

All of our workshops and programs under the Enhanced Development of the Graduate Experience, including the Entrepreneurship Training Program, will be offered remotely. We also offer a number of online resources. Full a full list of workshops and resources, please the EDGE website. We’ll be updating the workshop schedule so please check back regularly.

How will supervisory committee, research-related exams, and doctoral defences be held?

Graduate students and faculty supervisors are encouraged to meet remotely through videoconferencing. There are many options (e.g., Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom), but SGS is recommending the use of Online Rooms in Brightspace. CITL has set up “sandbox” sites within Brightspace for faculty supervisors to experiment with Brightspace tools (including Online Rooms). They will find this under “My Courses” in Brightspace. We encourage faculty supervisors test their browser for compatibility (Chrome is preferred), start early when possible to test camera and mic functionality, use the chat feature if they have trouble hearing, use headsets to avoid causing background noises, and consider recording the meeting or presentation if it might be a useful reference in the future.

For oral comprehensive exams and doctoral defences, we are encouraging the use of Online Rooms. For doctoral defences, SGS will notify graduate students, chairs, and examination committee members of any changes. For oral comprehensive exams, we are encouraging academic units to make this change when it is possible (unless you have chosen a different videoconferencing solution approved by ITS). Please note for oral comprehensive exams, a dean’s delegate will only be required for re-examinations.

Examination chairs can create Online Rooms and invitation links that you can share with people prior to the exam date/time. During the exam or defence, chairs can provide presenter privileges to student if presentation slides are used. As a contingency, in advance of meetings, any presentation slides that might be used should be shared with all members of the committee and phone numbers for all participants should also be shared with the examination chair. For doctoral defences, during the pre-meeting or in-camera discussions, students may be asked to leave the Online Room and emailed to return when ready or those discussions can take place using a breakout room. All examinations and defences should comply with Memorial’s normal guidelines and regulations.

How will graduate students make progress in their programs?

Graduate students enrolled in online courses should participate as per usual. Graduate students enrolled in on-campus courses should not come to campus for class after March 17 and anticipate participating remotely as per the information provided. Instructors will notify students directly of specific course changes. Graduate students in research-intensive (e.g., thesis-based programs) are encouraged to discuss with their faculty supervisors any opportunities to continue their research activities remotely (e.g., data analysis, online literature reviews, writing, etc.) and the MUN COVID-19 information hub for further updates.

*Will graduate students lose their funding if their program average drops below 75 per cent?

Graduate students are advised that their funding will not end if their program averages drops below 75 per cent in the Winter 2020 semester.

Can a student's program be terminated?

Graduate students are advised that the general regulation of Termination of a Graduate Program has been waived until further notice. This means that a graduate student's program will not be terminated for any reason, including failure to attain a final passing grade of A or B in a program course. This waiver will be rescinded at some time in the future. Updated 11:30 a.m., March 20

Will graduate students continue to be paid?

Graduate funding (including assistantships) will continue to be paid. Graduate fellowship funding will be extended for one additional semester for current research students if needed. We will share more information about this in April. Graduate students with graduate assistantships (including teaching assistantships and research assistantships) or in GradSWEP positions should contact their supervisor to discuss how their work might be carried out remotely. Graduate students with instructional assignments (e.g., per course instructors) can refer to this website for more information on how to lecture online, communicate with students, collect assignments online, and try alternate forms of assessment.

*How can I get letters (of enrolment, for PGWP applications, or for study permit extensions)?

Graduate students seeking a standard confirmation of enrolment letter are asked to request the letter through Memorial Self-Service. Please do not come to SGS to pick up the letter. Graduate students who require a letter of enrolment for a study permit extension, please request this letter by emailing us at Please include your name, student number, and anticipated program completion date. Please do not come to SGS to pick up the letter. For Post-Graduation Work Permit support letters, please email Please include your name and student number in the request. Please do not come to SGS to pick up the letter. For all letter requests, letters will then be emailed to your MUN email address shortly afterwards (normally 1-3 business days).

*Is the School of Graduate Studies open?

Faculty and staff in the School of Graduate Studies are working remotely. Along with other academic and service units, we are 100 per cent committed to helping you. If you are a graduate student and have any questions or concerns, please email We’ll get back to you in one business day. If your matter is urgent and you need a faster response, please email



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