Guidelines for supervisors

Empathy during this transition is crucial. This change will not be easy for everyone and fear, anxiety and uncertainty are all natural reactions for some employees at this time.

Management and supervisors should consider the following when developing a return to campus plan and schedule:

Building on the experiences of the past eight months, leaders may wish to consider whether there is potential for a unit to explore remote work on a permanent basis and discuss with the appropriate vice-president.

Standing Offer and availability of PPE items

Strategic Procurement (Financial and Administrative Services) has a standing offer in place for PPE (such as wipes, masks, etc.) with various vendors; when procuring PPE for your unit this standing offer is to be used. As you create a purchase order or your purchasing requisition, using the vendor indicated in the table and the commodity code will allow your prices to populate and link it automatically to the agreement number. If you require assistance with issuing a purchase requisition or purchase order using commodity codes please contact Strategic Procurement at who will provide guidance through the process.

In addition, hand sanitizer is available without charge from Strategic Procurement. Sizes available are 50 ml and 500 ml bottles. To arrange for delivery or pick up of hand sanitizer please contact or the Mail Room in the Ingstad Building. Please contact Environmental Health and Safety regarding storage and handling of hand sanitizer.



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