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Please see below for pertinent information for Memorial researchers, including faculty, staff, students (undergraduate and graduate) and postdoctoral fellows.

What is the latest information related to on-campus research and scholarly activities, fieldwork and interaction with research participants?

Dr. Neil Bose, Memorial’s vice-president (research), issued a new statement on Feb. 18, 2021, about a revised and simplified process regarding on-campus research and scholarly activities, fieldwork and interaction with research participants, as well as an update on Feb. 25

How do I learn more about this revised and simplified process?

Memorial’s current COVID-19 Research Working Group (CRWG) Framework is available here. The request form for the St. John’s Campus is available here. Information for researchers affiliated with the Grenfell Campus is here; information for researchers affiliated with the Marine Institute Campus is here; and information for researchers affiliated with the Labrador Institute is available here.

The framework for the St. John’s Campus has been simplified from 5 activity levels to 3 levels (RED, YELLOW, GREEN) with the RED level corresponding to the existing activity level 5; the YELLOW level corresponding to the previous activity levels 4 and 3; and the GREEN level corresponding to the previous activity levels 2 and 1. For the St. John’s Campus, we are currently (as of Feb. 18, 2021) operating at the RED level.

I am a researcher on the St. John's Campus. How does the updated framework affect me?

As of Feb. 18, 2021, under the new framework, deans, or delegates, will review requests and submit those that fit the criteria (RED level currently) to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) with a copy to To learn more, please see here and here.

I am currently doing my research remotely. What is changing?

Research being carried out remotely can continue. Researchers are encouraged to adapt their research activities using a technology solution that allows researchers, their collaborators and participants, to be involved from their homes. To learn more, you should refer to the following link.

Are there still restrictions to on-campus research spaces?

Yes. As of Feb. 14, 2021, access to Memorial’s campuses is restricted until further notice in response to the provincial public health declaration of a level 5 COVID alert level. Please see here for the Feb. 14 message to the university community. As announced on Feb. 17, 2021, Memorial will remain in a primarily remote environment while Newfoundland and Labrador continues to manage the recent COVID-19 outbreak. If you have specific requests related to the care for animals, please consult with Dr. Jennifer Keyte, university veterinarian and director of Animal Care Services, via email at

I am a graduate student who conducts research in Memorial’s labs. How am I affected?

All graduate students in research-intensive (e.g., thesis-based programs) should continue to work from home where possible. Meetings with supervisors should continue to be carried out using remote methods. Students cannot be compelled to be involved in approved research activities if they do not feel comfortable doing so. More information for graduate students can be found here.

How are the CREAIT Network labs affected by the closure?

At Alert Level 5, on campus research activities within the CREAIT Network are suspended with the exception of those activities essential for research continuity. Critical research needs from a given CREAIT laboratory may only proceed with Level 5 clearance, which will only be granted to researchers following confirmation that such support can be delivered by CREAIT. Approval by CREAIT shall be completed before researchers submit Level 5 requests. During the closure, CREAIT will primarily focus on research and research support that can be conducted remotely.

How is SIRI affected by the closure?

Staff with Memorial’s Strategic Institutional Research Initiatives (SIRI) unit are working remotely, and SIRI service delivery is fully operational.

I am a graduate student. What is happening to my funding?

The School of Graduate Studies baseline fellowship funding will continue without interruption. Researchers are strongly encouraged to continue funding their students for the foreseeable future.

When will I be able to conduct fieldwork?

You should refer to this update from the vice-president (research).

How do current building access restrictions affect my access to lab, research or teaching space?

For information, please see here.



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