Term Work FAQs

Can work still be assigned to my students?

Yes. Given the extraordinary circumstances which have impacted the Winter 2020 semester, new work can be assigned to students until the end of the second-last week of the semester. However, no new work can be assigned in the last week of the semester. Furthermore, any remaining work cannot be invigilated (whether through in-person invigilation or the online invigilation services normally offered by CITL).

Can students still be expected to submit term work?

Yes. However, instructors are encouraged to facilitate methods of submitting work which do not require students to be physically present on campus. The Assignments Tool in Brightspace is one such solution.

My course doesn’t have a final exam, but a critical part of the evaluation scheme cannot be completed. What do I do?

In some cases, the loss of in-person classes and the restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic may prevent the completion of parts of the evaluation scheme deemed integral and essential (such as field work). In these cases, a grade of INC (incomplete) can be assigned.



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