Graduate Course Offerings - Fall 2014

COMP-601W-001Work Term99   TBA
COMP-6711-001Syntax and Semantics of Programmi
ng Languages
13M W14:00-15:15EN-2040Miklos Bartha
COMP-6713-001Software Engineering14M W15:30-16:45EN-2040Ed Brown
COMP-6731-001Topics in Numerical Methods03MWF10:00-10:50EN-1003George Miminis
COMP-6752-001Applications of Computer Graphics12M W12:30-13:45TBA Minglun Gong
COMP-6755-001Knowledge-Based Systems17M W09:00-10:15 John Shieh
COMP-6756-001Digital Image Processing19T R14:00-15:15 Siwei Lu
COMP 6901-056
(former 6783)
Applied Algorithms35T R19:00-20:15EN-1051Antonina Kolokolova
(former 6762)
Introduction to Data Mining18T R10:30-11:45TBA Jian Tang
COMP-6926-001Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems23T R12:30-13:45EN-1052Wlodek Zuberek
COMP-6999-001Master’s Project99   TBA


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