IT Student Services Advisory Committee


Sponsored by the Office of the CIO in partnership with the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, and Memorial Libraries, the IT Student Services Advisory Committee provides student perspectives on the technology needs of the Memorial University student body. This involves providing feedback on current IT services such as MUNmail,, MUNmobile, Online Learning (D2L), computer labs, and OneSearch (Library service) as well as suggesting improvements that will help students be successful learners.


  • Assess and recommend improvements to current IT services, and provide feedback on new or potential IT services
  • Bring forth concerns or suggestions on IT services from individual experiences and the larger student body
  • Provide support for larger consultations of the student body regarding IT services

Members 2017-18

  • Brandon Healey, Behavioural Neuroscience, 4th year
  • Robert Wells, Business Administration, 5th year
  • Uzair Mansoor, Business Administration (Finance), 4th year
  • Kyle Nickerson, Computer Science, 5+ years
  • Vineel Nagisetty, Computer Science, 2nd year
  • Aditi Joshi, Computer Science, 3rd year
  • Brenda Samalu, Economics, 4th year
  • Katie Flood, Education, 2nd year
  • Simon Hawkenson, Engineering, 3rd year
  • Griffyn Chezenko, Graduate Studies in Political Science, 2nd year
  • Meagan Mccardle, Graduate Studies in Psychology, 2nd year
  • Jessica Williams, Religious Studies, 2nd year
  • Cameron Segger, Graduate Studies in Business Administration, 2nd year
  • Kenny Harris, Communication Studies, 4th year
  • Kelsie Lockyer, Political Science, 3rd year
  • Jacqlyn McIver, Social Work, 2nd year
  • Kaylene Newsom, Computer Science, 1st year
  • Shawn Pendergast, Manager Student Computing (Staff Liaison)
  • Sarah Arnott, Manager Strategy, Planning and Liaison (Staff Liaison)

For more information, please contact Sarah Arnott at 864-2984 or

ITSSAC 2016-17


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