MUNCLASS is coming soon

Information Management and Protection (IM&P), in consultation with university units, is developing a standard classification and retention plan for the management of Memorial records called MUNCLASS. This tool will assist units in ensuring that university records, in any format, are organized and maintained for operational and administrative effectiveness, and that they are disposed of appropriately.

MUNCLASS is intended to provide units with a starting point when designing or revising their own classification systems by organizing records into 11 common functions:

  • AD – Administration
  • ER - External Relations
  • CS – Campus Services
  • FP – Facilities and Property
  • FN – Finance
  • GV – Governance
  • HR – Human Resources
  • IN – Information Management and Technology
  • RS – Research
  • ST – Students
  • TL – Teaching and Learning

By grouping records together by the function they support, records related to the same activities are located together. This facilitates the efficient filing and retrieving of records.

Along with the classification plan, MUNCLASS also incorporates a retention plan. For each records class in a function, MUNCLASS will include a Retention and Disposal Schedule (RDS) that prescribes retention periods and requirements for the legal disposal of university records through either destruction or archival preservation. The process of defining RDS is ongoing and will include input from the Information Access and Privacy Office, the General Counsel and the university archivist prior to final internal approval.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is responsible for the Information Management and Protection Program of Memorial University and will provide advice and support to units in using the MUNCLASS classification and retention plan. Units must contact IM&P to initiate the use of MUNCLASS.


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