Project updates

Project Update July 1999

In April-May, Karen, Kay and Marilyn spent three weeks at the Fakultas Ilmu Keperawatan (Faculty of Nursing), University of Indonesia. During our visit, we gave lectures in the Masters of Nursing (Leadership and Management ) program, presented a two-day workshop on Community Health Needs Assessment, visited the selected sites for the demonstration women's health projects in rural West Java, interviewed the students who will be coming to Memorial University of Newfoundland to take the Master of Nursing program, started to work on curriculum development for the Master of Nursing program in maternal and child health, University of Indonesia, had several planning sessions with our Indonesian colleagues to review project progress and future activities and met with key senior university and government officials to discuss the project and its objectives and progress. Our visits to the rural sites were particularly interesting and we even got to visit a new mother and baby in one of the villages. Our Indonesian colleagues appraised us of some of the major problems for mothers and infants in the rural areas. Lack of understanding and under utilization of professional health facilities, cultural beliefs and values and poverty are some of the major factors explained by our hosts that influence maternal and infant health outcomes. An important element of the demonstration projects will be working within and along side of the established health care system. The health personnel at the selected sites were very pleased their health centers had been chosen by the Indonesian project team and showed enthusiastic support. At the end of our visit we were left with a strong sense of the strength and resilience of the Indonesian people we are working with, in spite of the economic and political uncertainties which lie ahead.

Project Update October-December 1999

In October, Sandra LeFort, Marilyn Porter and Shirley Solberg arrived in Jakarta. The overall goals of the visit were to work with the partner team to look at what project goals and objectives were being addressed, what needed strengthening, and what was not yet addressed at that point in time, but needed to be.

Specific Objectives of the visit were:

  1. To work together to develop community health needs assessment tools appropriate for rural Indonesia.
  2. To work together to deveolp the MN cirricula in women's health and community health.

Activies included:

  • Visits to the selected field sites to obtain an overview of the health centers' management and monitoring systems, meet the personnel of the health centers and discuss their roles and functions.
  • Joint development of the community health needs assessment tools.
  • Several lectures in the MN (Nursing Administration) program at FIKUI.
  • Meeting with the two junior faculty of FIKUI who are enrolled in the MUNSON graduate program in Nursing for September 1999.
  • Joint meetings to plan the visit of the FIKUI team to MUNSON in June 2000.

As well, the team heard about the economic and health problems of the people of the villages from the people themselves, all of whom have been affected by the financial crisis in Indonesia in 1997. There was an outbreak of Typhoid Fever in one of the villages and two children had died in one family. The FIKUI faculty noted there was a need for case-finding, follow-up of infected cases, institution of sanitation measures, health education for the public, training for volunteers and more resources for the community health workers to carry out their roles effectively.

Overall, both partners are satisfied with the progress achieved this year.

Project Update June 2002

In Canada:
  • Two junior faculty from the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia (FON-Ul) graduated with their Master of Nursing degrees in May 2002. Two others have collected and analysed their data and are completing writing their theses.
  • A Canadian graduate student spent three months fieldwork and data collection in Indonesia and is completing her thesis. All five theses focussed on the health needs of mothers and children in rural villages in the designated project area and contribute to the over community health needs assessment of the area.
  • Two of the Indonesian students spent two weeks working with community health nurses in rural Newfoundland to gain experience of rural Newfoundland primary health care.
  • Two Indonesian students presented papers at the regional conference organized by the Centre for Excellence in Women's Health September 2000 and two presented at the "Challenges in Nursing Education" conference sponsored by the Atlantic Region, Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing May 2001.
  • Canadian and Indonesian graduate students and faculty shared their experiences with each other at planned social evenings as well as in the classroom.

In Indonesia:
  • Workshops to prepare all levels of health care worker were held throughout 2001. Some workshops were targeted at officials from the Ministry of Health and senior health administrators. Others were designed for community health workers.
  • Teaching materials were developed, or modified.
  • Discussions were held with officials from the district and national ministries of health on an on-going basis to inform them about the project.
  • Curricula for graduate programs in women's health and community health nursing at FON-UL were implemented. Presently, these programs are being evaluated.
  • A site for a centre for community health nurse clinical training is being selected in the villages and will be a focus of the train-the-trainer program and graduate nursing education.
  • A joint paper was presented by faculty from FON-UL and MUNSON at the International Congress of Nurses in Denmark, 2001.
  • There have been several paper and poster presentations describing the project in Indonesia and Canada over the last two years.

In September 2001 and April 2002 the mid-term project assessment was carried out by an independent evaluator. Some of the recommendations will help the teams plan the final two years of the project.


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