NSSE 2014

The 2014 NSSE was administered via an online format to students at all campuses that make up Memorial University.

2014 Survey Instrument

The survey instrument for 2014 was administered online to all participating Canadian Institutions. The survey can be found here. This instrument marked a major change from the 2011 iteration meaning that comparisons between 2014 and 2011 results are only minimally possible.

Results at a Glance

"A pocket guide to Choosing a College: NSSE 2014 Answers from Students" - This report provides a snapshot of the level of student engagement at Memorial University.

Themes and Engagement Indicators

The Five benchmarks of Effective Educational Practice that have been used in past iterations of NSSE were replaced with 4 major themes each with their own set of engagement indicator scales.

This means that comparisons with 2008 and 2011 results are not really possible given the new paradigm.

ThemeEngagement Indicator
Academic Challenge

Higher-Order Learning

Reflective and Integrative Learning

Learning Strategies

Quantitative Reasoning

Learning with Peers

Collaborative Learning

Discussions with Diverse Others

Experiences with Faculty

Student-Faculty Interaction

Effective Teaching Practices

Campus Environment

Quality of Interactions

Supportive Environment


Individual respondent engagement scores are the student's average responses to items within each grouping, after all items have been placed on a 60-point scale. These engagement indicators are a means of assessing what students are doing (their experiences) at the university – they are not opinion or satisfaction markers. The scores that are presented for MUN in the official NSSE report is a weighted mean of these student-level scores.

Explanations for each indicator can be found in the following report. This will also detail each of the questions used to make up the scale.


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