Joint Honours Degrees in Chemistry

The following information about programs of study in Chemistry has been taken from the University Calendar. While every attempt has been made to ensure that it is accurate, you should refer to the current edition of the University Calendar for the most reliable and complete information about program requirements and course list.

The following joint honours degrees are available in the department:

  • Joint Honours in Chemistry and Earth Sciences*

  • Joint Honours in Chemistry and Applied Mathematics*

  • Joint Honours in Chemistry and Biochemistry*

  • Joint Honours in Chemistry and Physics*

*The degrees listed in bold above are accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry.*

Joint degree programs generally require 45 Chemistry credits (and up to 135 credit hours overall) and normally take five years to complete.

Students who intend to follow a joint degree program are strongly recommended to consult the head of the department or faculty adviser at their earliest opportunity to ensure proper planning of their course sequence. This needs to be done carefully and well in advance!

Complete information can be found in the University Calendar about Joint Honours programs in:

Chemistry/BiochemistryChemistry/Earth SciencesChemistry/Applied MathematicsChemistry/Physics

Course Restrictions

Credit will be given for no more than one of the former Chemistry 1000, Chemistry 1010, 1050, 1200, the former 150A/B, no more than one of Chemistry 1001, 1031, 1051, the former 150A/B, and no more than one of Chemistry 1001, 1011, 1051, the former 150A/B.

Credit will only be given for one of the following pairs of courses: Chemistry 2301 and Chemistry 2300 (offered at SWGC), Chemistry 2302 and the former Chemistry 3301, and Chemistry 3303 and the former Chemistry 3300.

Students may obtain credit for only one of Chemistry 2100 or the former Chemistry 3100.

Students may obtain credit for only one of Chemistry 3110 or the former Chemistry 4110, the former Chemistry 4100, or the former Chemistry 4101.


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