Publication Opt-Out Procedure

In Fall 2008, a process was implemented to allow instructors to opt-out of having their CEQ results published to the MUN Student Self-Service system. Please refer to the following points to understand how this process works:

  • The student self-service site maintains published CEQ reports for the past 5 years. 
  • An instructor must actively opt out of publication each and every semester. Submission of an opt-out form is only for the specific semester that it represents.
  • If you are teaching at least one course that is mandated to use the CEQ (according to current Senate policy) you will receive an email the week prior to the start of the CEQ administration period directing you to Self-Service.
  • If you wish to opt-out of having your results published to student self-service, then please log into Self-Service and follow the menu for Course Evaluation Questionniare.
  • Please complete and submit your selections before the due date noted in order to ensure your results are not published.

Step one:

Log into Self-Service.

Faculty Self-Service Main Menu

Step 2:

Select "Opt-out of publication for current semester"

Step 3:

Select the courses you wish to be opted out of publication and click the "submit" button.

CEQ Opt Out

Step 4:

Once you click submit, a confirmation pop-up will occur to confirm your selections.

CEQ Opt Out

Step 5:

When the final date for submission has passed, you will receive an email with your opt-out selections. Keep this email for your own records. If there are any discrepencies between the email and what you selected, please contact CIAP at 4016 or


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