Pay-Per-Use Parking

Memorial University offers Pay-Per-Use Parking throughout its St. John's campus.  There are 470 user pay spaces available on campus. Coin payment for parking is available in the following areas:

Area 27:     Parking Garage - Level 1 (all spaces) and Level 2 (designated                                        P&D spaces on east and west perimeter rows) located on Arctic Avenue.

Area 61:     Earth Sciences Garage (ground floor) located beside the                                                University Center located on Arctic Avenue.

Location of all pay per use spaces can be viewed on the Pay-Per-Use Parking Zones

Passport Canada Parking App

In May 2017, Memorial implemented Passport Canada, a parking payment application. The app allows users to pay for parking with their phone via credit card or a pre-loaded wallet. Passport is free to download from the iPhone App Store or Android Google Play, and creates an easier and more convenient parking experience. The app is also accessible via web browser at

A User Guide for the Passport Canada Parking App can be found here.

Users have three options to pay through the app:

  • Visit Memorial University’s Parking Office (1st Floor, Facilities Management Building) to upload money to the Wallet using your debit card or cash. A $20.00 minimum transaction is required;
  • Upload money to the phone’s Wallet feature with a MasterCard or VISA credit card.  The Wallet feature stores the payment on the app and allows users to quickly pay for current and future parking sessions; or
  • Pay directly with a MasterCard or VISA credit card for each parking transaction.

In addition to paying for parking a session, customers can monitor their session, extend their session remotely, view payment history, and receive email receipts.

Users are reminded they are expected to pay parking fees even if parked at a missing or broken meter and should use the app to avoid being ticketed. In some parking lots on campus, most or all meters have been removed or broken. These spaces still require payment for parking through Passport Canada.

Users are encouraged to scan the lot for Passport Canada parking signage indicating the zone number, which is required when using the app. 

Passport Canada Sign Image

Drivers must ensure their space is paid for either by coin or the Passport Canada parking app. Vehicles parked at a defective meter or space serviced by a defective Pay and Display machine will be required to pay for parking via Passport Canada, or move their vehicle to a space with a functioning meter or Pay and Display machine.