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Employee Parking Permit Renewals

Parking permit renewals for the St. John’s and Signal Hill campuses will begin on April 1, 2022 via To ensure health and safety and avoid congestion in the Parking Office, permits will be renewed online this year and paid for by payroll deduction. Permits will be sent via internal mail. 

If circumstances do not allow you to pay by payroll deduction do not complete the online renewal form and please email  Employees that cannot do payroll deduction will be able to purchase their permits during the week of April 18th to the 22nd.  Debit is the preferred method of payment.  Cash will be accepted, but contactless transactions are preferred. Credit cards are not accepted. 

Renewed permits will come into effect on May 1, 2022. 

Please contact the Parking Office at if you have any questions.

Marine Institute

Registration for Permit renewals for spring 2022, will begin April 25 for faculty and staff who are on the Marine Institute campus. Payroll deduction for faculty and staff is strongly encouraged when applying. The Marine Institute Ridge Road Cashier Office accepts payment via payroll deduction, cash and debit. Please ensure you show your vehicle registration when picking up your permit.

Grenfell Campus

Permit renewals will be available for purchase as of May 1, 2022 for faculty and staff who are at Grenfell Campus. Employee parking permits will be valid from May 1, 2022 to Apr. 30, 2023. To renew, employees can complete the parking permit application form found here and return it to the Bookstore. Permits will be offered on a first come first served basis.  

Parking Rate Increase

At the March 11, 2021 meeting of the Board of Regents, a parking permit rate increase equivalent to consumer price index (0.9%) was approved for St. John’s campus student, staff and faculty rates (excluding MUNFA), effective May 1, 2021. As per the MUNFA collective agreement, last year’s rates have been maintained for this group. There was no change to the Signal Hill Campus rates. Since parking permit renewals have been suspended until further notice, these rates will not come into effect until renewals begin and rates will be prorated.




Employee Temporary Parking Permits

Employee Temporary Parking Permits are available by completing the  Employee Temporary Parking Permit Request form.  Employees unable to access the form may email the Parking Office with their request at


Purchase of Parking Permits for New Employees

New employees must contact the Parking Office to purchase a parking permit.  Confirmation of employment must be provided to the Parking Office via email ( or a letter signed by the employee's Manager, or designated authority, before sale of the permit is finalized.


Overflow Parking

Employees may park in their designated overflow parking areas should their permit areas be fully occupied.  Desinated overflow lots for Memorial University employees are as follows:

  • Area 15:  Designated overflow lot for North Campus permit holders.
  • Area 15:  Designated overflow lot for South Campus permit holders.


Employee Carpooling 

Staff and Faculty can share a permit by registering multiple vehicles under one (1) permit at the Parking Office. The one (1) permit is then shared and displayed in the vehicle is on Campus.


Parking Events

 It is the responsibility of persons organizing conferences, seminars, or inviting guest lectures to contact the Parking Office to make necessary parking arrangements.  For inquiries or assistance, contact


Employee Parking Accommodations

All Employee Parking Accommodation requests must be submitted to the employee's designated Human Resources (HR) Advisor.  The HR Advisor will review each Employee Parking Aaccommodation request with supporting documentation and submit to the Parking Office the following:

  • Employee Name and Employee Number
  • Duration of required Employee Parking Accommodation
  • Building the employee is required to be located near

Once an Employee Parking Accommodation request has been submitted to the Parking Office by the HR Advisor, the employee must visit the Parking Office to return their current permit and be issued a new permit.


All general inquires can be made to the Parking Office.


Telephone: 864-2736