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Parking Permit Rates

Effective May 1, 2024

On March 7, the Board of Regents approved a new tiered parking permit rate structure for St. John’s and Signal Hill campuses. Going forward, similarly located lots will be priced the same. An increase for some permitted areas was also approved. These new rates and tiered structure apply to 2024/2025 permits. Employees can renew their permit starting Friday, April 5th at 8:00am on, the deadline for payroll deduction renewal is April 30, 2024.

Permit Rates 2024-2025

Employee Permit Renewals:

The renewal period for faculty and staff parking permits is March 27 to April 30, 2024, inclusive.

Faculty and staff permits can apply for renewal in the same lot they are currently assigned, and will be allocated as space permits. Permit holders may request to be added to a different location through the waitlist process. This can be completed during the payroll renewal process or by emailing Employees will be contacted to move lots if space is available, and permit rates will be adjusted at that time.

Payment via Payroll Deduction: Employees can renew their parking permit via payroll deduction through under the Employee tab. Once the renewal request has been processed by the parking office, the permit will be issued via internal mail. Employees can also renew their permit via payroll at the parking office in FM-20239A.

Payment in Person: Employees who wish to pay for their permit via cash, debit or credit can visit the parking office, FM-2039A the week of April 22 to 26, 2024.


Please contact the Parking Office at if you have any questions.

Other Campuses:

Marine Institute

Grenfell Campus


Parking at the Signal Hill Campus

Employee and Student (residence) permits for the Signal Hill Campus must be approved by the Signal Hill Campus Business Office prior to sale. Requests for a permit can be made through the individuals department/unit to this office.

All visitors to the Signal Hill location that require parking can use Pay Per Use parking, available via the Passport parking application. The St. John's Campus Parking Office does not issue temporary permits for this location.

Departmental permits will honored in the passport application spaces. However, staff and student permits are only permitted in designated permit areas.

As per the University Parking Regulations, parking provisions at the Signal Hill Campus are in effect 24/7.

Reminder to All Permit Holders: Permits are Not Valid in Pay-Per-Use Parking Spaces

Student, employee, visitor and departmental permit holders are reminded that permits are not valid in Pay-Per-Use (metered, Pay & Display, and Passport Canada) parking spaces. Drivers parked in a Pay-Per-Use parking space who have not paid through the applicable channel will be ticketed. 

 As parking is limited on St. John’s Campus, the Parking Office encourages all vehicle owners to consider alternative methods to transportation to Campus such as public transit or carpooling. 

Employee Temporary Parking Permits

Employee Temporary Parking Permits are available by completing the  Employee Temporary Parking Permit Request form.  Employees unable to access the form may email the Parking Office with their request at

Parking Permits for New Employees

New employees must contact the Parking Office to purchase a parking permit.  Confirmation of employment must be provided to the Parking Office via email ( or a letter signed by the employee's Manager, or designated authority, before sale of the permit is finalized.

Overflow Parking

If your dedicated permit area be fully occupied, please use your designated overflow:

  • Lot 15 - Permits for southside of campus (between Elizabeth Ave and Prince Philip Parkway)
  • Lot 22 - Permits for northside of campus (between Prince Philip Parkway and Pippy Park)
  • Lot 27 -3rd Floor - Permits for Lot 27A or 30

Employee Carpooling 

Staff and Faculty can share a permit by registering multiple vehicles under one (1) permit at the Parking Office. The one (1) permit is then shared and displayed in the vehicle is on Campus.

Event Parking

It is the responsibility of persons organizing conferences, seminars, or inviting guest lectures to contact the Parking Office to make necessary parking arrangements.  For inquiries or assistance, contact

Employee Accessible Parking & Accommodations

Employee Parking Accommodation requests must be submitted to the employee's designated Human Resources (HR) Advisor.  The HR Advisor will review each Employee Parking Accommodation request with supporting documentation and submit to the Parking Office.