For departments, faculties and units


Requests for Departmental Permit(s)

University Departments, Faculties and Units may request a Departmental Permit for faculty and staff that conduct business outside of their regular work location.  All requests must be submitted and internally controlled and distributed by a senior administrative designate such as a Senior Administrative Officer or Manager, Finance and Administration, within the Department, Faculty, or Unit. Requests may be submitted to the Parking Office through Departmental Permit Parking Map.

Receipt of Departmental Permits

A senior administrative designate must be assigned as the Parking Office's contact and distributer of Deparmental Permits within each Department, Faculty, and Unit.


Internal Management of Departmental Permits

The Parking Office encourages all senior administrative designates of Departments, Faculties and Units that avail of Departmental Permits to maintain a tracking system for the permits.  Departments, Faculties and Units may use the Departmental Permit Sign-Out Form.  This form assists Departments, Faculities and Units in locating missing permits and determining Departmental Permit allocation requirments.


Departmental Permit Provisions

  • Departments, Faculties and Units that avail of Departmental Permits may only be granted permits for a sector where their office is not located.
  • Each sector has pre-determined parking lots where Departmental Permit holders may park.
  • Each Departmental Permit is assigned a number that acts as an identifier and is linked to the Department, Faculty or Unit and it's senior administrative designatethe permit is assigned to.
  • Departmental Permits must be centrally controlled by the Department, Faculty or Unit's designated senior administration positon.  The incumbents name will be filed with the Parking Office as the Departmental Permit holder.  Any incumbent or designated senior adminstrative position changes must to be communicated to the Parking Office.
  • Departmental Permits shall only be used in vehicles registered with the Parking Office that hold a valid Employee Parking Permit sticker clearly visible on the vehicle's windshield.
  • Failure to display both the Departmental Permit and Employee Parking Permit hanger constitutes a parking violation under the , and will result in a parking ticket.
  • A listing of Departmental Permit numbers are monitored by Campus Enforcement and Patrol; any deviations from the intended use will be reviewed by the Parking Office with the identified Departmental Permit holder.