Accessible Parking

NL Accessible Parking Permit Permit Holders:

Faculty, staff and students who have an Accessible Parking Permit (Blue Zone Permit), may request a Memorial parking permit directly through the Parking Office.
To obtain a permit, a Memorial ID card, the Accessible Parking Permit, and Vehicle Registration, will be required. 

Accessible Parking (Blue Zone) spots are strategically located throughout the St. John’s Campus. 

Students with a Blue Zone Parking Permit issued through the provincial government can visit the Parking Office to discuss options that will suit their needs. A campus-wide Accessible Parking Permit is available to individuals with government issued Blue Zone Permits.

Employees requiring parking who do not have an Accessible Parking Permit (Blue Zone Permit) should consult their HR Advisor. Your HR Advisor will work with the Parking Office to determine availability.