Visitor and departmental parking permits

Visitor Parking Program

• Visitors to Campus can submit their request(s) for parking by completing the online Visitor Request Form.

• A request can be submitted by the host department or directly by the visitor.

• The parking office will require 3 business hours to process the permit. Inability to meet this will require the visitor to utilize pay and display or meter parking. However, during peak permit sale times this will be extended, and notification will be made via Newsline.

• Permits will only be issued for the time period and day the individual is on campus.

• Large events will be given special consideration, requests should be made to for review and consideration.

• Visitor permits can also be requested and picked up at the parking office if users are unable to access the form or a printer.

• There will no longer be temporary permits issued to departments for use by visitors.


Departmental parking program

• As of Monday, Nov. 16 Memorial will begin transitioning to a new program for departmental permits with full implementation to the new program by Dec. 1, 2015. Traffic officers will note any users of the old departmental permits, and the parking office will follow up to ensure they have the new permits. Tickets will not be issued to individuals who don’t yet have the new departmental permits. However, after Dec. 1, 2015 all individuals will be considered transferred to the new program and enforcement of departmental permits will resume.

• There are three departmental parking sectors identified for internal departmental users as per the following map:

• All departments will receive departmental permits for a sector in which their office is not located.

• Each sector has pre-determined lots where departmental permit holders can park. These lots are ungated therefore no gate cards will be issued.

• These permits will have no expiry date.

• The new departmental permits will be more durable, Memorial logo identified, and laminated.

• Departmental permits will be assigned numerically, and will identify the department/position it is assigned too.

• These permits will be centrally controlled for various positions (not persons). They will be available for distribution (and accountable) to a senior administration person within your department whose name will be filed with the parking office as the departmental permit holder. Changes in this position will need to be communicated to the parking office by persons leaving the position as part of their exit interview process.

• These permits can only be used in a vehicle registered with the parking office, with a valid parking permit sticker clearly visible.

• A list of these numbered permits will be strictly monitored by CEP and any deviations from the intended use would be reviewed by Parking Administration with the identified departmental permit holder.


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